Saturday, 25 June 2011

Abdul from Foligno travelling to Turkey


My name is Abdul , I’m 17 years old and I live in Foligno. I was born in Marocco but I grew up in Italy. I’m very sociable boy, I’ve got a lot of friends and I really like being with my them . I attend the Orfini Vocational Institute, next year I will be in the fourth year of Course for Electrician, but I’m also very interested in psicology and literature.

Last year was a very busy year for me. In fact I had to study a lot because of the third year exams and also I was elected as student representative in the school Council, so I had to carry on a lot of commitments.

I’ve got a lot of hobbies, my favourite one is playing football and I’ve a dream one day............. to play for Juventus football team. I also like singing and in the “End of the School Year Show ” I sang a song written by me.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Festes de Sant Joan de Ciutadella de Menorca

Lara from Minorca travelling to Turkey

My name is Lara and I’m seventeen. I live in Menorca, Spain. Menorca is a small Island in the Mediterranean and is very touristic, especially in summer. I live in the capital, Maó, in a flat near the harbour, which is very important in the island.

I live with my family, my parents and my two brothers, Sergi who is nineteen and Pau, who is twelve. I also have two cats, I love animals!

I have curly blond hair, big green eyes and pale skin. I have a normal height and a normal weight too.

I think my character is good, I’m a little bit stubborn but I’m an open-minded person, sociable and friendly. I never get nervous and I try to be as optimistic as I can. I don’t believe in superstitions nor any religion, but I respect the people who believe in them.

I’m not a very sportive person, I don’t have enough time, but I used to dance in an academy until last year. I hope I can do it again.

In my free time I like to meet my friends and go out, especially in summer. In winter Menorca is a very boring place, and I just study and go to high school. But in summer it is great fun, I enjoy going to the beach and going out at night with my friends.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Hello everyone!
My name is Yana. I come from Ukraine but I've already been living in Italy ( in Spello which is a small medioeval village near Foligno ) for seven years. I'm 18 years old and I'm attending the 4th class of a vocational school in Foligno where I'm specialyzing in fashion design because I love designing and making clothes. My days are always full and I hardly find time to relax. I think I'm a generous, self-confident and responsable girl, I like travelling a lot and discovering new cultures and that is why I joined this project because it gives me the oppurtunity to meet many people and their cultures.
I greet you all and see you in Turkey!!!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Giostra della Quintana - Foligno Italy

From the 2 till the 18 June has returned to Foligno the Giostra della Quintana 2011, the annual knight historical ring jousting tournament that will bring back the town in the time when the women were "Dames" and the men "Messeri."

This year the realization of the Palio has been entrusted to the guests of the structure of the department of mental health rehabilitation

Trevi (Umbria - Italy)

Hi there!
we are Sara and Ylenia from Foligno and we have done you a small description of Trevi, a small town near Foligno. Good bye guys. A big kiss to all!

Trevi is a small town near Foligno, Umbria, founded by the Romans. In fact there are still massive walls of the first century BC. The walls surrounding the old town that overlooks the olive groves: the walk is a magnificent avenue of trees along 800 meters with beautiful panoramic view of the valley below.
Among the most interesting buildings is the Church of St. Emiliano of the twelfth century, the Church of San Francesco in the Gothic style, the Palace Comunale of 1400, the Art Gallery which houses a Madonna by Pinturicchio.

Of particular interest is the Clitunno River, which flows south into the Umbrian valley.  At Trevi, is grown black celery of Trevi, a quality product, rich in history and tradition. The name “black” derives from its age-old physiological trait of keeping its green leaves until it ripens (“not self-whitening” variety).

At present the vegetable is grown by a small number of farmers in reduced quantities but there are examples of young enterprising and highly motivated farmers determined to preserve and hand down the growing of Black Celery and the traditions.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Antoine from Paris travelling to Turkey


My name is Antoine Vaysse; I am 15 years old and I live in Paris, in France, near the park of Buttes Chaumont, which was a gypsum quarry. I study in Colbert high school, and speak English and German a little, I began to learn German fin primary school1, and English in junior high school, but I already spoke English a little before.

I love playing video games, but I also love handball and basket ball. I like the nature and the animals, I have 2 kittens which are really cute, and they are named Shaka (the male, he is black) and Pouki (the female, on the picture)
With my family, I went to the USA when I was 12; I saw the Grand Canyon, and many other things. It’s the only trip of my life and that was really great!
I prefer science and languages and I like the design but I’m not very found of the other arts.
My brother, Pierre, is 18 years old and my sister, Elise, twenty.
I am very simple as far as gastronomy is concerned: I especially like bread and pasta, grilled meat, but my favourite dish is pasta carbonara.
That is all!

Friday, 17 June 2011

Xavi from Minorca travelling to Turkey

My name is Xavi Orfila Sans, I'm from Spain and I live in Minorca. I study at Joan Ramis high school, in Mahon and live with my family in a house close to my school.

Anyway, I'm 17 years old and I was born on 9th March 1994, I have brown eyes and black hair. I'm 180 cm tall, I'm thin and I'm not very strong.

I am really funny, respectful and friendly. Although, when I meet new people sometimes I'm a little shy.
My favorite hobby in my free time is basketball. I'm usually play basketball with my town team as a eaves. I'm an experienced player but I believe I can learn many things even more, because the basketball is a very technical sport and perfectionist. In front of my house I also love playing basketball in my basketball court.

At the moment, I'm studyng the social Bachillerato in IES Joan Ramis, and in the future I plan to study economics and law.

I want to take part in the Comenius Project, because I want to meet with people who are from other countries and have different lifestyles. And especially to improve my language skills.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Lea from Flensburg, travelling to Turkey

My name is Lea and I'm living in Husby, a small village. It's in the north of Germany. I'm 15 years old and my younger brother is 11. My school, KTS (Kurt-Tucholsky-Schule), is in Flensburg.

Swimming, reading books, meeting friends, laughing and dancing are my favourite hobbies.
And I like travelling to other countries. My uncle and my aunt are living in France. Sometimes we visit them. In summer it is very hot there.
I'm glad to go to Turkey, because I wasn't in Turkey before and I want to meet new people.
I'm looking forward to see you.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Łukasz, from Poland, travelling to Turkey

Hey, hi, hello;)
From this side - Lucas. I am 15 years old and I live in Zabrze in the southern Poland. I have no siblings, but this does not mean that I am alone. I have a dog called Niko. The dog can also be a member of a family:)
What am I look like? Well, you can see in the picture but seriously I'm a type of a crazy boy with a sense of humor. Music is my vocation since childhood - it accompanies me forever and everywhere. My favourite music is Electro, House and Trance. Currently I am an amateur DJ – I organize various events. My best Dj is Markus Schulz.
My hobby is also a martial art Aikido, which I have been training for five years. I just love what I do and it blends well something nice with something useful.
I will take part in a Comenius meeting for the first time, although it is not my first attempt. I have been trying to become a member of our travelling group five times. It is not easy to be a loser so often…;) If you are stubborn enough, if you do not give up too easily, everything may happen.
By the way I love travelling and exploring new things. I am curious about the world. I am especially curious about Turkish religion and traditions. These threads were important parts of the qualifying rounds in my school.
I hope to meet many new friends in Turkey.
See you in Iskenderun;)

Friday, 10 June 2011

Andreas from Flensburg, travelling to Turkey

My Name is Andreas Jessen, I live in Oxbüll a small village near Flensburg, this is in the north of Germany. I am nearly 16 years old. I live with my parents, an older brother and a younger sister on a farm. We have many animals, mainly chicken.

I'm 1,76 m tall. I have straight blond hair, blue eyes and glasses.
I'm a very humorous person and sometimes that is a bit annoying, but usually you can laugh much with (and about) me. I speak mostly only when it's necessary. I think I'm a very friendly person.

In my spare time i like to hear music, read, meet friends, ride bike or play computer games. I am a scout and in the holidays I am often on scouting camps.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Amanda from Minorca travelling to Turkey

Hi everybody!

Hi, my name is Amanda García and I live in Mahón, in the isle of Menorca, which is in the Balearic Islands in Spain. The isle is a little bit small but it’s a nice place, with lots of beautiful beaches and a good weather in summer.
I’m sixteen years old, and I live with my parents and my two sisters. My sister Nayara is twenty-five and she’s studying nursing, and my little sister Ainoa is two years old.
I’m not very tall and I’m a little thin. I have an oval face and a dimple on the left side of my mouth when I smile. My nose is quite normal and my mouth too. I’ve got big blue eyes, with long eyelashes and thin eyebrows. My hair is brown with some blond streaks. It’s very long and straight, but sometimes it’s a little bit wavy.
I’m very sociable and talkative, but sometimes I’m a little bit stubborn. I think I’m a very nice person whom you can talk about anything. I’m really open-minded and trustworthy, I’m sure that when you get to know me, you’ll see that I’m incredibly friendly.
This year, in October, I'm going to travel to Turkey with some classmates with the Comenius Programme.
I hope to hear from you soon. See you. :)

Monday, 6 June 2011

Gemma from Minorca travelling to Turkey

My name is Gemma Camiña Conforto and I’m nearly seventeen. I’m from Menorca, Spain (which is a very touristic island) and, specifically, in Mahón, which is the capital. I live in a semi-detached house with my parents and also my little brother, Xisco, who is fifteen.
I have long dark straight hair, dark big eyes and normal nose and lips. I have some moles and a birthmark, as well. People say I have an oval face, I’m a tall and slim girl (1’73m high) and I remind them of Anne Hathaway. I used to wear glasses when I was younger.
I am an extremely nervous and hardworking person, very sociable and friendly, as well. I’m terribly talkative, and I think I’m humorous and open-minded but It depends, of course, on the person that you compare me with. My weaknesses are I’m straight forward and rather stubborn. I don’t like supercilious, critical or rude people.
I like enjoying my time listening to music, meeting my friends, reading, shopping… I love travelling abroad and I like extreme sports but I don’t practice them because Menorca is a terribly quiet island and We don’t have things like that.
I used to play tennis when I was younger and I did judo until last year. I cannot practice any sport now because I want to be a doctor so, I have to study hard, but I don’t mind.
I hope to receive some answers soon.

Loren from Minorca travelling to Turkey

My name is Loren Goñalons, I'm 16 years old and I live in Minorca. I study at Joan Ramis high school, in Mahon.

I have got a serious face, a big nose and arched eyebrows. My eyes are round and brown. Most of my hair is black and thick but I also have got some grey hair. I'm 174 cm tall, I'm thin and I am not very strong.
I am even-tempered, respectful and quite modest. When I meet new people I am terribly introverted, but when I know people better I am friendly.

In my free time, I usually play football with my town team as midfielder or defender. Other things I like doing are playing videogames, basketball, reading books...

I have got two brothers. The eldest is called Sergio and he is studying in Terrassa, and the youngest is called Dani and is studying 2 nd ESO.

At the moment, I'm studying the scientific Bachillerato in IES Joan Ramis, and I don't know what I want to study in the future.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Helena from Minorca traveling to Turkey

My name is Helena. I live in a flat in the center of the city with my mother and my sister. My mother's name is Marga and my sister's, Maria. She is thirteen and we are very close. Everyone says we are very similar phisically, but I don't think so. My school is called IES Joan Ramis i Ramis. It is in Mahon, near to my house, which means that sometimes I go there walking. I've been in this school sice I was twelve, but next year is my last year there. Then I'll go to university. Mahon, the city where I live, is a quiet city. It is the capital of Menorca and it has one of the biggest natural harbour in the world.

Phisically, I am a medium-heighted teenager. I have long, straight and light brown hair, and sometimes I wear it in a ponytail. My face is a bit oval and a bit round. I am not very tanned, we could say I am a bit pale faced. My eyes are green, but it is a rare green, because sometimes it seems blue. My lips are normal, nor very thin neither very full.

About my personality, I am an optimistic person, I like seeing the positive face of life. I try to be generous and reliable, and I think I am. I am polite, good-tempered and open-minded, but sometimes I can be very stubborn. I am a bit lazy, specially when I have to tidy my room, which means I'm not very tidy.

I don't have any special hobby, but I love travelling. I spend my free time with my friends. We go to the cinema, go for a walk, go dinner... and thinks like that. I used to go to dance lessons, but now I prefer going to the gym. I like going to the beach, getting tanned and eating ice-creams. Summing up, I like summer. Finally, I can't stand nor ruthless neither narrow-minded people.

I hope your answer soon,

Friday, 3 June 2011

Calendar June: Serra de Aire e Cadeeiros - Portugal

Simón from Minorca travelling to Turkey

I’m Simón Abellán Cardona, I’m 16. I’m from Minorca, it’s a great island in the middle of the Mediterranean. I live in the harbor, but not in the city area, my home is between the sea and the countryside. I’ve got one brother who is studying in Barcelona. He is 18 years old. I’m studying at IES Joan Ramis i Ramis, it’s a nice high school.

I’m medium height, 1.80m tall, thin and slim. I’ve got a flat nose, brown eyes and thick eyebrows. My hair is brown, short and straight. I usually wear jeans with a T-shirt or a polo shirt.

I am easy going and a bit withdrawn. I’m not extremely popular but I’m sympathetic and trustworthy. I like drawing, meeting friends, architecture, but the thing I really love doing is running. I enjoy this sport because it is individual and its aim is to excel oneself. I also run some triathlons.

I have done my description to meet new friends from other countries and to establish a friendship with them.

You can meet Simón at TwinSpace.

Souvenirs, souvenirs

Souvenirs, souvenirs....this is the title of a famous French song by Johnny Halliday!

Last Tuesday, the French Comenius team and the students who travelled to Italy and Portugal invited their parents and some representatives of the City Hall to share the wonderful moments they had this year with their friends from Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Turkey.

After sharing photos and videos, we all had a drink . A votre santé!
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