Saturday, 16 June 2012

Binigaus, Menorca

Sant Tomás has two beaches separated by a headland  . The eastern beach (Platja de Sant  Tomàs) is deeper with extensive dune systems and lies in front of the mainly hotels area which occupy the front line positions in the eastern part of the resort. The western beach (Platja Sant Adeodato) is a longer (extending towards Binigaus) less deep beach with lifeguard, beach bar (Es Brucs) plus water sports including wind surfing, pedaloes and Motor boats & water jet skis for hire. 

Further westwards is the huge virgin beach of Platja de Binigaus which is extremely beautiful, natural and less frequented. Its also a favourite location for nudists but everyone is welcome (no need to strip and plenty of space if you are shy). Sant Tomàs can suffer from quite strong water currents, so care should be taken ( keep within 40 meters of shore, make sure you are not drifting ) and keep an eye on the red and green safety flags.
Barranc de Binigaus is a fabulous valley ending in a huge virgin beach - Playa de Binigaus. Along the road route there is the well known landmark of Binigaus Nou country house.

Along the Barranc de Binigaus ( Binigaus Ravine ) you will find a spectacular cave called Cova des Coloms also known as the 'Cathedral cave' due to the sheer height of its ceiling (24 meters high!). Previously used as a place of pre-historic worship. Binigaus valley is reached in land from Es Migjorn Gran ( follow the red arrows down a track starting at the old cemetery ) and from the coast from behind Binigaus beach.
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