Saturday, 2 June 2012

Erzin Kaplicalari - The Erzin Source - Hatay, Turkey (5th June: World Enviroment Day)

 ''The Erzin Source Gives Recovery''

The recovery and mineral water which comes out from different places of the rocks in the Amanos Mountain, is in a small village named Başlamış near the city of Erzin in Hatay.
The sources of running water  are 3 km far in the east Erzin and espacially in the summer, this place is important for the domestic turists. Particularly ,people come around for finding cure to their illnesses by drinking the water which is 24C,with pH 6,7 and mixture of bremide, calsiyum, magnesium, carbondioxide,  bicarbonate, sulfate and sulfur. The good benefits of this water are helping the people who have problems with their digestion, kidney, urin organs and metabolizm.
Başlamış is another small and old village which is taken place in the forest surrounded by the mountains. You can find a lot of cheap motels and pansions there. The streams coming from the sources are flowing through the village. At the end of the village  there are stairs leading to this place. On the way,you can see the fantastic nature of Hatay. You walk on the stone path which is surrounded with old trees decorating everywhere. On  the way, you can hear and enjoy the wonderful sounds of the running water. This place is very good for relaxing. There are several bridges over the large river and a lot of places on the ground or small rocks for sitting on. The source of the river  is in a cave in the mountain. Next to the cave, there are a lot of holes in the rocks where mineral water comes out. There is a special place where you can make ''care mask'' with  the mood of the rocks. It is claimed that it makes  your skin soft, beautiful and   younger. Next to this place,there  is a bath with warm water from the source. This warm water is very good for every part of your body espacially for your bones.
After this tour , you will feel yourself more relaxed. Not only your body but also spiritually cause of the climate in the nature. The best season for this trip is spring and summer. In the winter, the water is naturally warm.
Some tips for this trip:
*it’s better if you wear comfortable shoes; because of the much rocks there.
*if you cant drink bitter water then dont forget to bring your own bottle because you cant find another type of water.
*for sure you will jumb into the water, so dont forget to bring your swim suits and towels.
*there arent  any benches, this is why it will be better for you to take a small blanket if you cant sit on austere grounds.
*if you want to go on foot, take a map with you cause there are more then one way to there.
The benefit of this trip:
I advise to visit this place for finding cure in the hot water from the sources.
*Uğur pension
-0544 694 63 35
*Çağlar pension
-0505 562 14 64
-0326 694 64 13
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