Sunday, 19 June 2011

Trevi (Umbria - Italy)

Hi there!
we are Sara and Ylenia from Foligno and we have done you a small description of Trevi, a small town near Foligno. Good bye guys. A big kiss to all!

Trevi is a small town near Foligno, Umbria, founded by the Romans. In fact there are still massive walls of the first century BC. The walls surrounding the old town that overlooks the olive groves: the walk is a magnificent avenue of trees along 800 meters with beautiful panoramic view of the valley below.
Among the most interesting buildings is the Church of St. Emiliano of the twelfth century, the Church of San Francesco in the Gothic style, the Palace Comunale of 1400, the Art Gallery which houses a Madonna by Pinturicchio.

Of particular interest is the Clitunno River, which flows south into the Umbrian valley.  At Trevi, is grown black celery of Trevi, a quality product, rich in history and tradition. The name “black” derives from its age-old physiological trait of keeping its green leaves until it ripens (“not self-whitening” variety).

At present the vegetable is grown by a small number of farmers in reduced quantities but there are examples of young enterprising and highly motivated farmers determined to preserve and hand down the growing of Black Celery and the traditions.
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