Friday, 29 April 2011

The French team, travelling to Portugal

We are a big group travelling to Portugal. We are all very excited and are looking forward to meeting you all!

Lolita, Sarah, Célia, Amélia, Ronan, Samy, Michaël, Derhel and their teachers Dominique and Béatrice

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Sarah, from Paris, travelling to Portugal


My name is Sarah, and I'm 16 years old. I was born in Montpellier, a sunny city in the south of France, and now I live in Paris.

I've got two olders brothers who don't live with me, with me there is also my father and his wife. And my so nice grey cat :).

My mother lives in the middle of France and I go see her during school holidays.

I like readind some books and listening to music when I'm at home, but I'm not often at home because I practise basket-ball with my best friend two evenings in the week, and I have a match all sundays. I'm crazy about this game, I have been playing since I was a young girl and all my family practise it. And more, I love going to the cinema with my friends, or having a good time in a park with them.

I'm very interested to discover other countries, and I will be in Portugal in may, with other french friends, I'm very impatient and excited about the idea to meet other comenius team's people !


Thursday, 21 April 2011

Meeting in Foligno

Greetings from Federica, Nesserin (Nenè), Sara, Veronica, Andrea and Antonio
See you soon in Ferreira!!!!!!

Polish team travelling to Portugal

What a joy!
We have just read the final list of participants travelling to Portugal.
Who is going? 2 teachers and 5 students with the best results in Comenius competitions. They have gone through different activities like a storm.
What is behind them?
1. Let`s talk about Portugal in English (language skills)
2. Portuguese impressions by Polish eyes (painting/drawing with fado in a background)
3. Portuguese puzzles (architecture and geography knowledge)
4. Portuguese lesson on-line
Busy days have already past and now we are waiting for a prize - travel to Portugal:)
See you in Ferreira de Zezere in May!
Best wishes from Poland:)

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Happy Easter

A typical dish of the Easter holidays in Umbria is Pizza al formaggio (cheese pizza) that can not miss on the table. It’s served on Easter breakfast with salami and hard-boiled eggs.

Happy Easter from italian team

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

23 April: "Sant Jordi" World Book Day

My Saint George

My Saint George is tall, tall and thin and also short and thick,

Nice, fun, ironic and, at the same time, serious, well-educated and witty.

Though sometimes quite long, it can be a light read,

You’ll get to the end in the blink of an eye.

Antique and also the latest release,

Rural, although also found in big cities,

A friend of libraries and shelves in many houses,

Widely read, admired and found in many languages,

Madness often hand in hand with common sense.

My Saint George is the best, my Saint George is…

to have a good book in my hands.

* This is a poem written by one of our students dedicated to Saint George. On 23 April we celebrate the Day of the Book by giving books and roses to our loved ones.

Calendar: 23. April "Sant Jordi" (Menorcan Page)

Calendar: 23. April "Sant Jordi" (Menorcan Page)

Monday, 18 April 2011

"Plants travel around Europe": edible wild plants

We are students of first-class- graphics course-  Istituto Orfini
Together with our teachers and prof. Ranfa, Perugia University, we are studying edible wild plants that grow in our area.  Each of us adopted one of this plants.

"Plants travel around Europe": seeds in the project languages

Students IIS Orfini

Antonio, from Italy, travelling to Portugal

Hello everyone
my name is Antonio, I was born in Albania  in 1995 but I arrived in Italy when I was younger than a year
I live in S. Eraclio a small village near Foligno. S. Eraclio is  a very beautiful  place because there people no matter where you were born, but as you are and how you behave.
In my family there are four people: my mother,  me, my sister  Zoje and my brother  Kristian.
We love very much  travelling . Together we have visited almost all of Italy, last summer we went  to U.S. (there live  my uncle ), quite often  we go to Albania.
This is one of my  typical day:  I wake up at 7:00  and I get ready in a  hurry, I go to school by bus.
After school  I came back  home for lunch,  I do my homework and then ......  free time
I like  playing electronic games  with my friends or  playing football.
My school is very nice; my classmates are very lively and sometimes vain, but with them I feel good.
I attend  the  second class of Electronic Course. I like the subjects  and I hope to find a good job in the “field” .
See  you in Portugal in May

Daniele from Italy

Hello everyone,

My name is Daniele and I’ m 18 years old.
I was born in Rome  in January 1993,  but  I  grew up in Germany and then when I was twelve years old I came to stay definitely in Italy .
Now I  live, with my mother and my two cats, in Foligno in a flat with many rooms (6 exactly).
I haven’t  got any brothers or sisters.
My mother is German; so I always talk with her  in ​​GermanAnd now  I’ll tell you something about my school  here in Foligno:  its name is Istituto d’Istruzione Superiore Orfini,  it is a Vocational school  with  a lot of different courses: graphic  and advertisement, chemistry, mechanics, fashion and design, and electronics.  I’m in the second class  of electronics
I have  a passion for video games;  I also like to record videos and publish them on YouTube; I also  like singing, I’m very good in reproducing  sounds,   someone calls me the Noise-Maker!!!!!
I think Comenius project is wonderful, because we can  improve our  English, we can meet   new friends and  learn  new  things about  European  culture

Magda from Poland,travelling to Portugal

Hi! My name is Magda.

I’m 15 years old. I was born on 13th (lucky me!) May 1995 in Zabrze in Poland and I live here with my younger sister and parents.

My free time I usually spend with my friend. We go for a shopping and to the swimming pool, I like playing the guitar, travelling and meeting new friends.

In May I will travel to Portugal so I meet some of you:)

Andrea from Italy travelling to Portugal


Hello everyone
My name is Andrea and I am 16 years old. I attend the second class of the Istituto Orfini and I live in a small town near Foligno called Spello.
Spello is a medieval  little town . It's located on the flank of Mount Subasio and above the plain where is Foligno.
Spello is not well known by tourists, but the visitor is left with the memory of its streets and its monuments. I will tell you of my city very soon
But now let's go back to me.
I am very sociable and friendly.
I like being with friends listening to music and hang out with them for a pizza.
In my free time I like riding a motorbike, my passion,  and  going  swimming.
In the picture I have long hair, but now I cut them short
I like travelling and I am very happy to see Ferreira and Lisbon and to meet
new friends

See you in May

Nesserine (Nenè) from Foligno travelling to Portugal

Hello boys and girls
someone has already met me in Foligno ……but  I want to introduce myself to new friends because next  may  I’m travelling to Portugal togheter with the Italian Crew …….
My name's Nesserine
I’m 16 years old, I was born in Italy(Assisi) but I’m from maroccan origin.
I  live with my family in Foligno and here I attend  IIS Orfini.
I' m tall and not very slim, I have long  black and curly hair,

 my eyes are brown.
I'm very friendly, cheerful, but sometimes  on the defensive………….
anyway  don't  worry  I’m very  sociable !!! hahahahaha xd.
I like going  out with my friends, I like playing and joking with them .
I  like traveling very much, visiting new countries  and learning  learn about
other cultures ....
I’ve got a lot of hobbies, I practice sport, my favourite one is  volleyball,
I like reading and  I  like very much cooking   tipicals  moroccan  food.
Who knows  maybe  one day you will taste my cous –cous !!!!
Dear  friends I’m really looking forward to  travel to  Portugal.

xxxxx Kisses

Federica and Veronica, from Italy , travelling to Portugal

My name is Federica  and I’m fourteen years old.  I live in  Assisi  and  I attend  Istituto Istruzione Superiore  “ E.Orfini”  in Foligno.
I’m tall and thin; I have brown, long hair and brown eyes.
In my free time I like going out with my friends or surfing the net, of course.
 I like reading very much, but I only  read books of vampires, werewolfs, fallen angels, demons, etc.
My friends sometimes call me Angel.......... when we meet in May you'll tell me if you agree!My favourite sports is archery. I love it. It isn’t very easy but is funny and I hope to become very good at it . I do archery five  times a week in the afternoon.
I have a dog, its name is Billy. It’s very small and very beautiful.
In my family  there are  four people: my mom, Anna Cleta, she is a teacher, my dad Paolo, he is a teacher too, my brother Michele, he is a student, and me.
I 'm very happy to be in this Comenius  project and  I’m looking forward to meet old and  new friends  you in Portugal.....
See you in Ferreira

My name is Veronica  I'm fourteen years old and I attend IIS Orfini in Foligno, "the center of the world"!!.
I like very much my school.
I like dancing, listening music and reading books. My favourite sport is karate. In my free time I go out with my friends.
My best friends is Federica , she is funny and she is always happy, she is  so crazy!
I love vampires, werewolves and magic's books.
My favourite book is the Twilight Saga.
 My friends hardly ever call me Devil. I'm very shy but  funny.
I'm a bit clumsy but you'll see when we meet me in May.
See you very soon!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Zosia, from Poland, travelling to Portugal

Hi !

I am Zosia. I live in Poland and I’m 16 years old. I'm tall and slim. I have brown eyes and straight brown hair. I live in a flat with my parents and sister.

I talk a lot and I like meeting new people so much ;) I play the guitar and I like singing , listening to music and learning English.

I love volleyball and I belong to a school team. Unfortunately, last month I have broken my knee that`s why temporary I can’t practice this sport. I’m keen on acting – so I’m a member of our school theatre group.

Let's travel is the second project I take part. Thanks to the previous Comenius project, I visited Bulgaria, Turkey and Italy.

Next year I’m leaving my school, so this is my last chance to know Let’s travel and meet people participating in it.

I hope it will be great in Portugal ;)

So…See you! Greetings from Poland! ;)

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