Monday, 23 January 2012


Lycée Colbert
Arrival of the German team teachers will meet you at the airport. Hosting families will pick up the students at Lycée Colbert
Dinner in a restaurant for teachers
9:00 Welcome breakfast at school
Visit of the school and activities
Arrival of the Polish team
8:30:badminton tournament with students of Lycée Colbert
(short) Working session for teachers
10:00 Visit of Montmartre and the Sacré-Coeur
going to Radio Clype for a “live programme” with one of our classes
Paris City Hall
Visit of Notre Dame
Louvre Museum
Departure of the German team
(the Polish students and teachers will stay one more day)
Lunch time
Lunch at school
Lunch in a catering school
Packed Lunch
Packed Lunch
Walk along the Canal St Martin down to Place de la République
Visit of Centre Georges Pompidou
Visit of the Champs Elysées
Free time for shopping
Free time for shopping
13:30: visit of the Eiffel Tower
15:30 Bateaux Mouches on the Seine
5:30-7:00 : reception at the city hall of our district
Free evening
Dinner in families
Dinner in families for the students
“Soirée cabaret” for the teachers
Dinner in families for the students
“Cheese party” for the teachers at Lycée Colbert
“Paris by night” for teachers with Pascal
“Farewell party” with the students, teachers and hosting families at Lycée Colbert

Monday, 9 January 2012

Paula from Zabrze travelling to Paris

My name is Paula Kuźniak. I’m from Poland. I was born on 14 August 1997, so as each of you have certainly counted the 14 year old, and my zodiac sign is a lion. Unfortunately I have no siblings, but I have dog breed Yorkshire Terrier named Phoebe. I live with my parents in a small, but interesting city - Zabrze, in flat in a block in pleasant surroundings Helenka. Currently I learn in second grade in Gimnazjum Nr 24 in Zabrze.

Now a little about my interests. I like to hang out with my friends. In this time we walk around neighborhood and talk for hours. Like every teenager at myage I love to go shopping and cinema. When I am sad and I haven't one to talk to, I listen to music. A what? Hmmm .... It depends, but these are usually somerecent hits. One of my favorite songs is "Welcome to St. Tropez". Inhis spare time I reading books, mostly, detective stories, f.e. "CSI:Miami" or "206 Bones".This is my second or even third (arrival of foreign partners for Polish)adventure with Comenius. In March this year, took part in the stages of thequalification and I won airplane ticket to Italy. This time I recall a verywarm. During this trip I spent a nice time, I met many peers from othercountries in Europe and I visited many interesting places in Italy. I hope thatthis time will be the same, and maybe even better ! Additionally, I am pleasedthat during a trip to Paris will be accompany me, my best friend from the class- Ola!I can’t wait !

See you for a less than a
month in Paris ! :)

Nikola from Zabrze travelling to Paris

Hi everyone! :)

My name is Nikola Bednarska. I live in Zabrze since I was born. I have got little bit olive complexion, in Poland it's unsual. I'm skinny girl. I love Indie music, but I listening of the kinds. I like dancing.
I'm crazy girl. I love horror films. I'm only child.

That's about all I can say...

Aleksandra from Zabrze travelling to Paris


My name is Aleksandra Barcik, I'm fourteen years old. I come from Poland, I live in Zabrze. I was born on September 22. I have an older brother Michael. He has 20 years. I go to school No 24 in Zabrze. I like going to school, because that's where I meet with my friends. I'm interested in photography, sports or music, listen to different music, but I love RAP and Hip Hop the most ;). In my spare time I go shopping with my friends, I go to cinema, walking or on the court :) In future I would like to become a lawyer or psychologist, why? Because I like listening to others and helping them. This is my second approach to the project, but apparently happy. I am glad that I will fly to Paris, I always dreamed about it and within the project "Let's Travel" my dream came true. ! I am glad that I will know new people, culture and various interesting Paris monuments, like Eiffel Tower, among others.
I am very happy, that I’ll arrive with my best friend PAULA ! ; *

See you soon in Paris
Greet. Aleksandra =)

Ola from Zabrze (Poland) travelling to Paris

Hi everyone!
My name is Ola. I'm 15 years old. I live in Zabrze in Poland. I've got 2
very sweet turtles. I love drawing, dancing, doing a photos, watching movies
and of course travelling. I like meeting with friends and spend time with them.
I'm very exciting to come to France. I can't wait to see this beautiful

Polish team travelling to Paris

Polish team travelling to Paris.
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