Friday, 1 June 2012

Ojcowski National Park - Poland (5th June: World Enviroment Day)

  1. What are the characteristics of this travel activity?
Ojcowski National Park was established on January 14, 1956. It takes its name from the village of Ojców, where it also has its headquarters.
It has an area of 1,890 ha of which forests occupy 1,349 ha, and 251 ha fully covered with forest which are under strict protection. It is a second smallest among the Polish National Parks. The wealth of the Ojcowski National Park includes rich plant and animal life, an unusual landscape made up of canyons, and white limestone cliffs containing great amount of caves (in fact about 215), formed by the eroding action of water. The Park's Museum, located in Ojcow, contains a rich collection of examples of the region's flora, fauna, geological samples and archeological discoveries. The village of Ojcow, with the ruins of a castle, and nearby Pieskowa Skala Castle, are tourist centers located within the park boundary.
  1. What should there be in the travelers bag performing this kind of tourism?
The traveler who wants to discover the amazing power of nature should be well prepared for such trip. He/She should provide comfortable shoes and suitable clothes. T-shirts and trousers should cover arms and legs, even if there is hot outside. The traveler shouldn’t take any electronical equipment beside the camera because of the respect to animals living there. Besides he/she should take some insect repellent, sun cream if you travel in summer, bottle of water and some light meal. An umbrella and hut is sometimes helpful too. It would be more convenient to the traveler to take a rucksack not a bag.
  1. How can transportation be provided for this travel activity?
The most convenient way to get to Ojcowski Park Narodowy is of course by car. Visiting this National Park is connected with walking in long distance so it would be nice to rest in car or a bus if you are in larger group. You can also travel by train to Krakow and then there is a bus from Krakow to Ojców which stops in front of the entrance to Ojcowski National Park.

  1. Where can the traveler accommodate?
Ojcowski National Park is a popular place, visited by thousands of tourists every year. That is why you can find a lot of accommodation place around the park. There are hotels (eg. Green Hotel), agrotouristic farms (eg. Agroturystyka u Alicji) or just private houses where you can find room and nice meal. Of course, the closer to National Park, the more expensive accommodation is.
  1. How long does this travel activity lasts? (in one day)
Everything depends on the trail you choose. You can walk for 3 km or for 12 km and you have to remember that longer trails are also more difficult. So, it’s your choice how much time you spend in this beautiful place.
  1. How much money is needed for this travel activity?
If we talk about one person spending there free days (like weekend) you have to prepare about 600 polish zloties (150 Euro), including the cost of accommodation, 2 main meals during a day, transport and tickets. If you need guide or you want to buy souvenirs or something more to drink cost will be bigger.
  1. Why should a traveler do this activity? What will the traveler’s benefit be?

    To answer this question I’d had to write all day long, but I’ll do my best to write it in few words. If you visit Ojcowski National Park, you will meet amazing and powerful nature in its pure shape. You will see different, sometimes rare, species of animals and plants, you will see amazing shape of landscape, you will breathe with pure and fresh-smelling air, you will visit the ruins of beautiful medieval castle, you will also hear lots of legends and see how people lived there in old times… and all that is only part of beauty you will see.
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