Sunday, 27 March 2011

Rafa from Menorca travelling to Portugal

Hello! My name is Rafa Jiménez and I’m fifteen years old. I’ve got really curly brown hair and brown eyes. I’m not very tall, but not short either, I think my height is fine for my age. I wear glasses, although I usually wear contact lenses. I’m a calm person, I don’t like to get into trouble. I’m a bit shy and not very chatty, except when I stay with my friends. We often go to the cinema or for a walk, especially at the weekends, and on Saturdays morning I always play paddle with some of them. I usually get good marks at school, and my favourite subjects are Maths and Biology. As most students, there’s a subject that I hate: in my case it’s History. People see me like an intelligent person, but I don’t think I’m so intelligent as they imagine. In fact, I’m frequently absent-minded. I’m an organized person: when things are disorganized, I get nervous easily. I’m bad-tempered when someone makes me get angry. I’m very honest and I can’t stand lies. I’m fond of playing paddle, listening to music, meeting my friends and learning new things. I’m striving a lot in class, so I expect that in the future I’ll get a good job. I think science is fascinating, and I want to study it at the university. In conclusion, I regard myself as a good person, and I always try to be polite to other people. If I’m kind to them, they’ll be kind to me.

Julia from Menorca travelling to Portugal

Hello everybody! My name is Julia Fàbregues Pons and I’m 15 years old. I’ve got normal height and I’ve have got brown and wavy hair and brown eyes. I live in Maó, a little town of Menorca, an island located in the Mediterrean sea. I live with my parents: Carlos and Floria and with my two little brothers: Carlos and Joel. We’ve got a rabbit, Lisa, and we love it. My brothers and I hope to have a dog, because we like this animal, but my dad doesn’t like it very much, in fact, he doesn’t like animals, but he loves Lisa because it is very calm. I study at IES Joan Ramis i Ramis, a secondary school of Maó. It’s near my house (only five minutes walking). My favourite subjects are P.E, biology, chemistry, and French, in the future, I want to study INEF to be a P.E teacher or coach. I love sports. I think I’m a sociable person, but when I meet new people, at first, I’m a little bit shy, but only at first! I think I’m a sporty and sensible person. I’m very stubborn too, my mother tells me this a lot! My hobbies are, above all, sports. I do tennis and athletics. In athletics I like cross and 100 meters. I like football, basketball too, but I don’t practice it, I don’t have enough time. I like swimming, in summer, I swim and do scuba diving all the time! I like staying with my friends too, and when I have time, I like drawing. I hope to meet new people and learn new things. See you soon.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Comenius Working Session (Foligno, Wednesday 30 March 2011)

PT – Ferreira do Zezêre
2011-12 “Plants travel around Europe”
Invitation to participate in the Spanish blog “Vamos a viajar!” in coordination with France and Spain
Mobility to Portugal May 2011 - Middle Evaluation (Activities, mobilities…) and future projects
Portugal next mobilities to Turkey, Poland and Spain
DE – Flensburg
School partners preparing the activity “Who wants to be a traveler?”
Germany next mobilities to Portugal, Turkey, Poland, France and Spain
Information about the new coordination in Turkey
TR – Iskenderun
Mobility to Turkey October 2011 (Please dates!!!)
Turkey next mobilities to Portugal, Poland, Italy and Spain
2011-12 “Tourism makes the world go round”
PL – Zabrze
Evaluation of the meeting in Flensburg
Evaluation of the mobility to Paris
Poland next mobilities to Portugal, Turkey, France and Spain
Mobility to Poland November 2011 (Are all schools going to travel to Poland?)
FR – Paris
Next radio programs (2011 and/or 2011/12): Gastronomy, traditions…
Information about the eTwinning project “Let’s travel!” (Students Email Exchanges and topics). You will find it by eTwinning homepage:
Please, registration of all coordinators by eTwinning!
2011-2012 Video about ecotourism in coordination with Portugal and Spain
France next mobilities to Portugal, Turkey, Poland and Spain (35 mobilities)
Mobility to France February 2012 (Germany and Poland)
IT – Foligno
Calendar “Let’s travel 2012!”
Budget for printing in coordination with Turkey / Poland
Italy next mobilities to Portugal, Turkey, Poland and Spain
Mobility to Italy March / April 2012 (Turkey and Spain)
ES – Maó
Suggestions for the Project Blog and the Blogs for Foreign Languages (English, German, French)
eTwinning Project: “Let’s travel!”
Spain next mobilities to Portugal, Turkey, Poland (?) and Italy
Mobility to Menorca 2nd week in May 2012 – Final evaluation and future projects

"Open Day" at Lycée Colbert

Today is an "Open Day" at Lycée Colbert.
It is for us an opportunity to show to students and future students and their parents our Comenius project!!

Visit our new website:

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Ochseninseln - Okseö (Denmark)

Do you remember these islands?
We celebrated our last dinner party there
on friday 8 October 2010.
Great evening! Great memories!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

"Let's travel to Turkey!" (2. - 8/9. October 2011)

7 Different Kind of Tourism in 7 Different Countries

The activities what we are planning to do in the frame of the project
1. To identify the types of Tourism.
2. To determine the things in a traveler’s bag which will probably be needed depending
on what kind of tourism is planned.
3. To determine the minimum cost of this trip.
4. To determine accommodation depending on the type of tourism.
5. To determine why a traveler should do this trip and the benefit gained from this trip.

The work planned by us is considered as follows.
It is essential that all types of tourism be handled and studied separately. Our goal is to determine in which countries they are carried out, the level of the tourism performed and also to write separately the benefit gained as a result of doing these types of tourism in that region by studying types and features of tourism in any country.
We identified types of tourism as follows
a) the sea and water tourism
b) The Ecotourism
c) Winter tourism
d) Health tourism
e) Hİstory and religious tourism
f) Cultural tourism
g) Educational Tourism
h) Sport tourism
A) Sea And Water Tourism
Yacht tourism, sailing, scuba-diving, river - rafting, and swimming can be added into this type of tourism.
Search separately the types of tourism listed above which are carried out in your area
B) Ecotourism
, forest, village, mountain and cave tourism and even nature walks can be added into this type. Please search separately the ones which are available in your area.
The aim of this tourism is to protect the nature and understand and value of it. The topics that will be searched to help the traveler doing this kind of tourism are defined as follows
C) Winter Tourism
Ski tourism, hunting tourism and photography may added into in this type.
The aim of this type of tourism is to be aware of the beauty of nature, relax, entertain and spend time, . For hunting tourism, ecosystem balance should be taken into account and done in the legal framework.
Please research these types of tourism if you have in your area.
D) Health Tourism:
In this type of tourism, thermal and trips services for curative treatment may be added into this type. This type of tourism is aimed to spend be healthy and spend a peaceful good time.
If you have these types of tourism in your area, please search under the headings below.
E) Historic and religious tourism:
In this type of tourism, tourism of museum, trips to places such as historic ruins, monasteries, cathedral, church, synagogue, mosque, etc. places can be included.
If you have these types of tourism in your area, please research under the headings below
F) Cultural tourism:
Various artistic and cultural activities such as theater, festivals, biennials, concerts, exhibitions can be included in this type of tourism . Food tourism will also be added in this category.
Please search this type of tourism in your area under the headings below.
G) Educational Tourism:
Educational tourism is a kind of tourism that is done to a particular region or a country by people to develop themselves ,to learn something and make career. Today, the size of educational tourism covers practical training, theoretical training, conferences and seminars, exchange student and teaching staff -ERASMUS - FARABI ... etc-
H) Sport tourism:
Tourists are the ones who move from one region or one country to another place to participate in active or passive sports event, sports tourists consist of, professional and amateur sports men and women, convoys including teams, managers, staff, casualties etc- public officials, technical committees, journalists, representatives of the sponsoring brand, volunteers and the audience.
1. What are the characteristics of this type of tourism?
2. What should there be in the bag of the traveler performing this trip?
3. How can transportation be provided for this trip?
4. Where can the traveler accommodate during this trip?
5. How long does this trip last? (Minimum time -day)
6. How much money is needed for this trip?(minimum
7. Why should a traveler do this trip? What will the traveler’s benefit be?

Lisa (from Flensburg), travelling to Portugal

Hey, my name is Lisa Grzybeck. I come from the north of Germany, Flensburg, and my school the KTS (Kurt-Tucholsky-School). My birthday is on 4th January and I turned 15 this year. I’m 1.65 meters tall and I have brown hair, although in fact I have blond hair, I coloured my hair. My eyes are brown/green. My brother Phil is 17 years old and he lives with me and my parents at home. Incidentally I do paper routes in my village every Wednesday and earn a little bit money.
My friends are very important for me and my best friends are Chantal and Dennis, they are so great and lovely.
My hobbies are riding, aerobics, shopping and meeting my friends.
At school my favourite subject is sport, because I like it to move a lot. My favourite animal is a horse, I like it so much, because I grew up with horses and I like riding. It means very much to me sitting on the back of a horse, because it is not natural and I have a horse. For me, it is the best thing in the world.
I’m lucky, very lucky, with my friends, my family (the best) and my life. All together it is perfect.
Lots of love, Lisa 

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

"Let's travel!"

"Radio Clype"

"Let's travel to Germany!"

Cristiana from Portugal travelling to Italy

Hello, I'm Cristiana Rosa, I'm 15 years old and live in Ferreira do Zêzere.
I'm tall, skinny, have brown eyes that change color, brown, long and curly hair.
In my day there's always music (because in future I would like to follow music as a clarinettist), my life is made of many dreams, I'm left handed, I laugh of ridicule, crying because I will, crying with laughter, I'm fickle, I have a confident smile that sometimes do not show much of the insecurity behind it, when I am unwell (almost) anyone can tell me or put up with.
I'm confident, funny, stubborn, I love a challenge, I squeeze out impatient, sometimes competitive, ambitious and selfish, I get angry easily, I like to go out, I lose interest quickly, I am courageous, dynamic, energetic, considerate, sincere, generous, independent, active, very bad liar, I hate lies, hurried, restless, impulsive, like lead, do not admit defeat, can sometimes be insensitive, but rarely hold grudges.
I have a good brain but I like to act first and think later, I take sudden decisions. I am a person who sacrifices for others when they realize they need help. I am very creative and communicative, curious, adventurous, I encourage everyone around me, I have an infectious enthusiasm, I'm friendly, smiling, upbeat, friendly, love to party and can not control my habit of talking.

Tiago Miguel from Portugal travelling to Italy


My name is Tiago Miguel, i´m 18 years old and i live in Montes.

I´m a nice guy, who like to live with all people.

I speak portuguese, english and some spanish.

I love to sing and in my spare time, i make my own music, to play football and computer. Also roller skating.

I enjoy being with my friends. I like fashion and music (R&B, riddim, reggae,...)
My idols are - Miguel Veloso, Té&Ém, Dealema,...

Manuel from Portugal travelling to Italy


My name is Manuel, i´m 19 years old. I am a student, and i live in Ferreira do Zêzere, its a beautiful location.
I´m a nice guy, i love football and amuse with other people.
My idols are Andrea Pirlo, Ronaldinho, Manuel Fernandes, and others football players.
I like music, for exemple, Sam the Kid, Xeg, Fuse, Eminem, Bob MArley, hip-hop, System of a Down rock rap,...

Ricardo from Portugal travelling to Italy


I am Ricardo from Portugal. I am 18 years old, and i study at the school of Ferreira do Zêzere, in the course Environmental and Rural Tourism.

I´m a good guy, i like being with my friends, night out, have fun and hear good music.

I speak portuguese of course, and some spanish and english.

In my free time, i like being on the computer, play football, watch television, and of course, rest!

Dora from Portugal travelling to Italy


My name is Dora Godinho, am 17 years old an i live in Valadas - Ferreira do Zêzere, with my parents.

I like to go out at night with my friends. I really like watching TV and listening music

I am a student of Tourism.

I am very fun, but i´m a little jealous. I like to swim, but i dont have time for practice.

I like meeting new people.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Dani from Menorca travelling to Portugal

My name is Dani and I’m fifteen years old. I’m studying 4th of ESO at IES Joan Ramis I Ramis secondary school, and I live in Maó.
I’ve got really dark brown curly hair and brown eyes. I’ve got not a very big nose and a fairly small mouth. I’m medium and my weight is within normal.
I’m a modest person and I always try to be honest and polite to the other people. I consider myself kind, sensible and quite shy. My friends have to be generous, friendly, faithful and hopeful. I usually go with my friends to the cinema at the weekends, but sometimes I visit my family. I suppose people think that I’m shy, reserved and kind. About my hobbies, I really enjoy playing paddle.I often take my mind off for a long time, so maybe I’m occasionally an absent-minded person. I’m also quite whinger, because doing homework and studying take me a lot of time, and then I can’t do things I’d like to do. In the future I definitely expect to be a scientist

Roser from Menorca travelling to Portugal

My name is Roser and I’m 15 years old. I’m tall, quite slim and my skin is fairly pale like my father’s. I’ve got long brown wavy hair that is always messy. My eyes are an unusual shade of green and thanks to my brace now I’ve got beautiful white teeth.
I’m usually friendly and quite quiet, I get on very well with most people I meet. I’m a person who demands a lot of herself and I can show it in quite good marks at school. I also like to keep fit so I play basketball and in summer I usually swim. I probably don’t have as many activities as I should but I love music so I play the flute and try to play the piano.I’m a loyal and honest person and with my friends I’m always confident which is very important and that’s because I’ve got so many friends. I feel good helping people and I’m positive and sympathetic.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Illa de l'Aire, Menorca (Radio Clype)

My favourite place on the island is Illa de l'Aire. It is a small uninhabited island situated in the most extreme south east point of the island of Menorca, just in front of Punta Prima beach, about a kilometre away.

I like to go there because it is a natural protected space and it is very quiet (not in peak season, July and August, of course, because then, there is a large number of visitors). The best time to go there is in spring. It is a paradisiacal place.

Illa de l'Aire is a very interesting place from an ecological point of view. For there, you can observe migration birds which rest to cross Sahara and others that live there all the year, for example an endemic species of the Balearics like the seagull. But the most important animal is the Podarcis lilfordi lilfordi. It's a lizard that is characterized by its large size and its black colour. It's a protected species and if you try to move it away from its habitat it changes its colour into green.

Illa the l'Aire is interesting too to practise scuba-diving and discover the bottom of the sea and to contemplate the sea life.

Of course you have to get there by boat, and you have to remember that it is a natural protected area so it's forbidden to take away animals or plants!

Kasandra Pons

Cap de Favàritx, Menorca (Radio Clype)

My name is Cristina. I live in Menorca, a small island on the East coast of Spain. It has many wonderful landscapes, but my favourite one is called “Favàritx”. It’s located on the north coast of the island. You can go there by car, boat, bike or motorbike because there isn’t a bus which goes there, and it’s far away from all the villages. It’s on a diversion from the road Maó-Fornells. It’s a very well-known place.

There’s a narrow curved way which takes you to a parking area. From there you can see a natural lake and a tall striped lighthouse built in 1922, with lots of steep cliffs and slate rocks surrounding it. There’s hardly any vegetation and no animals (only seagulls flying and other kind of birds). In summer it’s normally hot and sunny like many other places and in winter it depends (it can be sunny, rainy, cloudy…) but the climate is colder than in other seasons, especially when “Tramuntana” (a typical strong north wind) blows. Then, the sea becomes rough and there are big waves.

Even though there are always lots of visitors, it’s a really relaxing and peaceful place. You can hear the noise of waves hitting the rocks and see the reliefs of other coastal places like “Es Grau”, the huge blue sea or the skyline. There, you can smell a marine atmosphere, pure air and swim in its natural pools. It’s also a good fishing area.

I would recommend everybody to visit it because it’s the most famous lighthouse in Menorca. You can’t go into the lighthouse or do anything special there, but it’s a nice place just for its sights.

Cris Melià

Patricia from Menorca travelling to Portugal

My name is Patricia and I’m studying 4th ESO at Joan Ramis High school, in Mahón. I’m medium-height and I have green eyes. I used to wear glasses, but now I prefer wearing contact lenses. I’ve got long brown curly hair, although I sometimes wear a ponytail. In summer my skin is quite tanned but in winter I’m rather pale.
I think I’m a sociable and confident person, however, I’m really stubborn and I’m sometimes a bit moody. I love dancing, so I rarely have free time because I’m always studying or taking dance lessons. In addition, I even give dance lessons to little girls. I’ve got a younger sister. She’s eleven years old and she’s in the last year in primary school. Next year she’s coming to my high school.
I love travelling and I’m happy because I’ve just been chosen to travel to Portugal with the Comenius project with other four students. I’m really looking forward to that trip because I love science and we’ll be doing a biology project for a week with students from different countries, and that will be a good chance to practice and improve my English.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Antakya, Antioch - Hatay, Turkey

It is rumoured, when Earth was given a birth, mother Earth hugged her very affectionately; touched her and the places she tapped filled up with her everlasting fertility.
Mother Earth had bestowed fertile lands throughout the world. She had loved the earth so much that her eyes misted over and just one drop of tear had fallen to one part of the Earth. The place drop had fallen became more fertile and richer; an endless number of fruit appeared on the ground and the nature was covered with all the colours imaginable. That unique place in Myths is Antakya, the place where we live. There had been many many great emperors fallen in love with her beauty and there had been many many fights for Antioch’s cause. Each emperor who deserved her love presented her with great work of arts.
Antioch… The coddled bride…had accepted all these gifts with her pure modesty and has let them rest on her body … They are still resting…
Now we’d like to take you to a world where you can compose your own music using the notes from history… Haron
One of the precious places that Antioch keeps its mystery lies in the rocks where you can see the Sinner’s Bath. In these rocks where myths spring to life, you’ll come across the Boatman of Hell guiding the deceased between the worlds of the living and the dead.
There is even a legend about this boatman, Haron, amongst the people here. During the reign of VI. Epiphanes, a plague disease broke out. The people in the city asked a soothsayer for the help desperately. He advised them to carve a mask viewing the city high above and he also whispered some mystical words. They carved the mask and on it wrote those mystical words to prevent deaths. Miraculously, the plague came to an end.
Today, you can still see the mask but unfortunately the words have all swept away at present.  Who knows, Haron whispers those words in your ear.
Before the odour passing through the dark corridors of Antioch’s history fades away, lay your eyes upon St. Pierre Church shining like a pearl on the Mount Habib Neccar. You’ll feel that the nimbus emanating from its old look touches your heart gently and gives you a glow of peacefulness.
The tolerance and good manners of Habib Neccar, one of the first Christians in the area and after whom the mountain was named, penetrated into the mount’s air and the church has become the symbol of religious toleration throughout the world as a result. In fact, a mosque named after this apostle is one of the historical places in Antioch. 

The moment you crack the door of St. Pierre Church ajar, sounds of the prayer calls mingling with the sounds of St. Pierre, St. Paul and Barnabas, some of the first apostles of Jesus, the ding-dongs of the bell and crazy waves of Asi washing up on to the shore spread into the air in a magical harmony and a melody throughout Antioch resonates in your ears… 

You will sense rushing steps running away and quick breaths full of fear and thrill ,sounds of history, as you go through the tunnel leading to altar…We give you the key of the door opening to a fairy tale. If what you are in pursuit of is to experience a tale to the fullest rather than just listening to it, Antioch is the ideal place you are looking for…

Ugurcan from Iskenderun /Turkey(Travelling to Portugal)

I’m Uğurcan. I am from Turkey and I live in Iskenderun , at the southeastern part of Turkey, Iskenderun is a small place but I like living here. I am studying at Istiklal Makzume Anatolian High School and live with my family in a house close to my school. My mother is an anaesthetist and my father is a mining engineer he has been abroad for months because of his work.And i have a brother who is studying at university. And I want to be an architect or industrial designer.
Anyway, I’m 17 and I was born in 8th February 1994, I have brown eyes and brown short hair and I am wearing glasses . And I’ve been playing piano for a year, I’m an amateur but I belive I will improve myself, because playing piano is a passion for me. Also I love painting very much, even I’ve painted my room ,it looks messy but I like my room.
And I love listening music so much (who doesn’t ? ) rock music is my best and my favourite band is Evanescence , I love their music and lyrics so much, it’s biggest reason for me to start taking piano courses.And I also like Nightwish(with Tarja Turunen), t.A.T.u. , Marilyn Manson .
I’m friendly and warm but I’m slightly moody.I enjoy spending my time with my friends and watching films with them (especially thriller movies and comedies), Jim Carrey and Jodie Foster are my favourites and ‘The Number 23’ is my favourite of Jim Carrey’s movies.And ’Flight Plan’ is the best of Jodie Foster’s movies (I think)
I want to take part in Comenius Project, because I want to meet with people who are from other countries and have different lifestyles.And absolutely for improving my language skills.
Please contact me = J

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Sven (from Flensburg), travelling to Portugal

My name is Sven and I'm 16 years old.
My hometown is Flensburg in Germany.
Flensburg is a beautiful city with a small harbour.
Flensburg has got a famous handball team, the SG Flensburg-Handewitt.
Flensburg is located near the Danish border.
I have dark blond hair and blue eyes.
I am 1.88 m tall and I am thin.
I do sports; mainly I play football in my club.
My school is the KTS in Flensburg.
I have a little brother and an elder sister.
My brother is also at the KTS and my sister studies in Kiel.
My parents are very nice. My father is a firefighter at the fire department in Flensburg and my mother is an office clerk.
My hobby is meeting friends and playing computer.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Leo (from Flensburg), travelling to Portugal

Hi, I´m Leo Bothe.
I'm 15 years old and I live in Ruhnmark. This is a very small village near Flensburg in the north of Germany. I attend the Kurt-Tucholsky-Schule and I'm in form 9. I haven’t got any brothers or sisters, so I spend a lot of time with my friends. I like skateboarding and snowboarding, but I' don't like games with a ball. In the holidays I like travelling and visiting other countries. I'm looking forward to the week in Portugal in May and our class journey to London in September.

Léa (from Paris), travelling to Italy


My name is Léa, I'm 16 years old .I'm in high school. I'm nice, kind and I like laughing. I live in France in Paris with my parents. I have one sister she is 10 years old, her name is Laure. I like listening to music, I like going out with my friends, I like going to cinema, I like pets because in my house I have one cat, one parrot, and I have an aquarium. I like travelling. I like shopping. I don't like dancing because I'm clumsy and I'm shy. I like swimming. I like to roller skate. I'm very excited to come to Italy, I have never beento Italy and through the Comenius project I'll be able to go. SEE YOU SOON.


Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Julia (from Flensburg), travelling to Portugal

Hey, my name is Julia Schubert. I’m sixteen years old and l live in Flensburg, a town in the north of Germany. I'm 1.65 meters tall and I have blond hair and blue eyes.
I visit the 9th class of the Kurt-Tucholsky-School. (Kurt Tucholsky was a German journalist and writer.)
My favorite subjects are German, Art and Physical Education.
My parents are divorced since I was two years old. I have a half sister; she's my father’s daughter, too and lives in Solingen, near Cologne. She's 30 years old.
I started riding when I was five years old and it's still one of the favorite things I do in my free time.
I really like to go shopping the whole day and spend time with my best friends at the cinema, mall or something else.

The French team, travelling to Italy

Léa and Lamia, César, Léo, Martin, Lucas (not in the photo) and their teachers Fatima and Marie-Line are getting ready to go to Italy!

Lamia and Lucas have already introduced themselves in the English blog. The other students are going to do it soon...
All the students travelling to Italy hosted Italian or Turkish students last January.
So they are all looking forward to seeing their friends again and to meeting the students from Germany, Poland and Portugal.

The teachers are very excited too!

See you soon

The French team

Monday, 7 March 2011

Kai from Flensburg, travelling to Portugal

Hello I am Kai and I come from Flenburg. Flenburg is a town in the north of Germany. At the moment I visit the ninth grade of the Kurt-Tucholsky-School. I am 15 years old. I am 1.80 meters tall, I have blond hair, blue eyes, I am thin and very sporty. In my free time I play handball, football or go jogging. I have two brothers and one sister. In one and a half year I’ll finish school. After that I try to make the graduation on another school. This summer I’m going to travel to Portugal and I am looking forward to it.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Przemek, travelling to Italy

Hello, my name is Przemek.
I’m 13 years old and I live in Zabrze, Poland.
My favourite subject is P.E. and my favourite sports are swimming, volleyball and table tennis.
I'm really good at swimming.
In my free time I go skateboarding with my friends or play table tennis - we really like it.
My favourite skateboarder is Rob Dyrdek, I think he is the best.
I like going to the cinema and listening to music.
I haven’t got any brothers or sisters, I live only with my parents. We live in a flat with 3 rooms.
My mother works in a hospital, she helps me in everything. She is a great woman.
My father has a company. He often plays volleyball with me.
We understand each other very good.
My hobby is travelling, I like travelling to other countries very much. I'm very happy because I can travel to Italy and I can meet new people and get to know new cultures.
See you in March !

Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Turkish School: "Istiklal Makzume Anadolu Lisesi" (Sarah Simsek, in German)

Istiklal Makzume Anadolu Lisesi
> German Blog

Accommodation: "Ostello Pierantoni" (Foligno)

Via Pierantoni
06034 Foligno PG
Tel. +39 0742 342566 Fax: +39 0742 343559

Meryem from Iskenderun /Turkey(Travelling to Portugal)

My name is Meryem Sağır. I’m 17 years old. I have got one brother whose name is Armağan and a little sister whose name is Leydi. My father works abroad and my mother is a housewife. We live in İskenderun, in a small lovely town in the south of Turkey.

I’m a successful student of İstiklal Makzume High School :) I love Physics and Maths. Because it’s like a puzzle and you need to use your mind wisely. And it is the one of the best things that I do. I also like drawing pictures and doing oil painting. It rests my soul. Everytime I use the colours I invent a piece of my personality in the ways which I draw. And here you can have an idea about my horoscope’s specialities :P (Fish)

By the way I play tennis (not professionally) and my favorite tennis player is Rafael Nadal. I also love NBA, I enjoy watching basketball. My favorite basketball team and player are Los Angeles Lakers and Kobe Bryant. I’m a huge fan of Bradley James (Especially his role in Merlin). I think he’s very charismatic. Recently I always advise my friends to watch Abiding Citizen, I think it’s a masterpiece. Because of the exciting, unexpected scenes… and I wanna end this paragraph talking about my pleasure of listening music. Especially I love the style of Madonna, Mariah Carey, Avril Lavigne and Shakira.

I’m cheerful and lovely. I’m an honest person, I tell my thoughts without hurting anybody. I’m not very good at expressing my feelings but I’m not a closed box of course!!! Anyway you decide what a kind of person I am when we met :)

My height is 175 cm. I’m thin and people say that I’m a wellbuilt young girl :) My hair is wavy, its colour is the same as my eyes’. I mean brown.

I have some plans about my future like everyone has. I can’t say that I’m a determined person because other people can influence me with their ideas. But at the moment I wanna be an architect because as I said before I like drawing. I’m interested in decorating and creating new things. I believe I’ll be happy in this job in the future…

I attend this project, because I heard that’s a social project and people from all around the world are united by this project. And as I’m a social person I thought that I have to be a member of this project. I hope we’ll meet soon :)

Contact me:

Florentina, travelling to Italy

Hello Italy :)
My name is Florentina Sefedini and I'm 15 years old.
I was born in Kosovo and now since 12 years I live here in Flensburg,Germany.
I love Germany.I visit the 9th class of the Kurt-Tucholsky-Schule.
I have got a sister and a brother.My sisters name is Blerina and she is 17 years old.
My brother names Shukri and he is 11 years old.
In my free time I go playing handball and football.
I love Sports.But I also love Music.(RnB,Electric and and and.. all kinds of Music)
I also like to go shopping with my friends and take pictures.
Photography is one of my biggest hobbies :)
but I also love flying.
This is also one of my reasons why I want to be like a stewardess.

I hope for 4 beautiful days in Italy with you all:)
I look forward to seeing you.
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