Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Sport Tourism in Menorca: Triatlon

1. What are the characteristics of this type of tourism?
If you like practicing sport, Menorca is your place. The sea offers a range of options, from bathing in any of the island’s coves, to windsurfing, sailing, waterskiing, scuba diving or fishing. The most important ports along the coast are Mahón, Fornells, Ciutadella, Addaia and Cala’n Bosch.
On land you can also enjoy the unique hiking routes, whether on foot, on a cycling tour or on horseback. Horse riding is an activity that is offered in all of the riding centres and clubs on the island, which are concentrated particularly in Mahón, Ferreries and Ciutadella. The island’s equestrian routes are of particular interest, specially the Camí de Cavalls (Horses’ Path)
If you are decided to combine three sports, join the triathlon and you will be able to swim 1.9 kilometers, cycle your bike for 90 kilometers and run 21 kilometers.

2. What should there be in the bag of the traveller performing this trip?
You will need two pairs of trainers, ones for running, and the other ones to for cycling; you will also need special swimming trunks. Using this special equipment, you will be able to swim, run and ride a bike without problems. Obviously you need your own bike.

3. How can transportation be provided for this trip?
If you want to do the triathlon, you can go there by bus (if you arrive by plane there is a bus every 30 minutes from the airport to the bus station, and there you can take a bus to Fornells; check your timetable at www.tib.caib.es before leaving) or, if you prefer it, you can hire a car, but it is going to be more expensive. Another possibility is going there riding a bike. In that way, you are going to train, but you are going to be tired for the triathlon.  
Another possibility is coming by boat and bringing your own car. It’s the best place to know the island. Transmediterranea have got special offers for people taking part in the triathlon (www.transmediterranea.es)
4. Where can the traveller accommodate during this trip?
The traveller can accommodate in a hotel or, if he stays more days, he can hire a villa near the beach. It's better to stay near Fornells, because it is the place where the triathlon is celebrated. If it's not possible, Menorca is small, so the distance isn't too long.
Some hotels offer special prizes for triathletes. For example, you can get an apartment for three people in Playas de Fornells from 26 euros/night (www.menorcate.com).
5. How long does this trip last? (Minimum time -day)
You have to be there at least 3 days. The race takes you 2 days, but, the day before starting the race, you have to be there to get your material and to accredit and register yourself. Finally, at the third day, you also have to be there because the winners of the race will get the prizes. So, you have to be there at least 3 days.

6. How much money is needed for this trip? (minimum)
The 300 first people that will inscribe in the race, will have better prices. If you are one of those 300 people, you will only need 125 euros if you participate individually. But, if you are not one of those 300 people, you will need at least 150 euros to participate individually. If you are a group of 3 people, you will have to bring minimum 140 euros for the entire group if you're one of the 300 people. If you're not, it doesn't matter, you will need 170 euros.
7. Why should a traveller do this trip? What will the traveller’s benefit be?
Menorca, UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is a location in the Mediterranean Sea where to enjoy nature, adventure and sport. It’s the perfect place to practice some sport. Discover Menorca, it’s unique.
By: David Caules, Mustapha Bouskla and Manel Triay
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