Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Max (from Flensburg), travelling to Paris

Hello, my name is Max. I live in Wees near Flensburg, in Germany. My hobbies are computer gaming and chilling. I like computer games, for example Assassin’s Creed. Of course I have many friends, too. My family is great. I have a dog and two rabbits, but I haven’t got a cat. My dad is very nice, for example, he gave me 100 € for shopping last week. That was very nice of him. I hate school, because it begins early.

Friday, 9 December 2011

St. Andrew`s Eve party

St. Andrew`s Eve party

If you are a young girl, you can know your future just this evening - 30th November.

If you are a young boy, you can discover your future at St. Kate`s Eve party - 24th November.

Marie - Line will know her new husband`s name in a second...

If you are not a young girl or a young boy, you just have to turn a blind eye to it and enjoy your time during these parties.:)

Look at Horst! He wanted to be a conductor - as a child - now has a chance to coduct/boss about our Comenius orchestra.

Traditionally involving fortune telling is very popular in Poland.

This evening becomes a chance to know your wife`s/husband`s names, profession, salary...

Dolunay is looking really happy. His favourite colour is green so... he will earn a lot of money next year and he will be lucky in love!

Let`s dance polonaise!

Let`s dance polonaise!

Polonaise is one of the oldest traditional Polish dances. It is also called "walked".

The rythm of polonaise is dignified, slow and mystic. Its character is heroic.

Polonaise should be danced in pairs in double rows.

Because of its stately character polonaise opens the end of school balls (proms) and official New Year`s Eve parties.
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