Friday, 9 December 2011

St. Andrew`s Eve party

St. Andrew`s Eve party

If you are a young girl, you can know your future just this evening - 30th November.

If you are a young boy, you can discover your future at St. Kate`s Eve party - 24th November.

Marie - Line will know her new husband`s name in a second...

If you are not a young girl or a young boy, you just have to turn a blind eye to it and enjoy your time during these parties.:)

Look at Horst! He wanted to be a conductor - as a child - now has a chance to coduct/boss about our Comenius orchestra.

Traditionally involving fortune telling is very popular in Poland.

This evening becomes a chance to know your wife`s/husband`s names, profession, salary...

Dolunay is looking really happy. His favourite colour is green so... he will earn a lot of money next year and he will be lucky in love!
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