Monday, 28 February 2011

Marc (Travelling to Italy): My Music

Hej I'm Marc ...

Im going to write about my music and my interesting in special kind of music.

I love rock , indie rock , electro and acoustic music .
Music is a big part of my life and i spend a lot of my freetime for it.
I love to make music with my band . Our kind of music is rock and acoustic.
I think Paramore is an inspiring band for us.
When I'm going to celebrate with friends I listen to every kind of music .
I think music is the best thing on earth to express yourself and your feelings in only 3 or 4 minutes.
Since 5 years I play guitar and I love it .
I love music !

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Maciek, travelling to Italy, about himself

Hi! My name is Maciek. I’m fifteen years old and I come from Zabrze in Poland. I was living here until I was nine, then I moved to Sweden for four years, when I was thirteen I moved back to Poland.
Zabrze isn’t a big city and there is not much to see here, but there are many forests and parks which make that there are many things to do.
I like extreme sports like paintball, ASG, bungee jumping and BMX crossing ( it means that I jump BMX in forest and on dirt surface ). I do it because it’s funny and gives me adrenalin. I like all things which imperf with military and I bind my future with this interest. My favourite kind of music is Hard Rock, Metal, nu metal and alternative metal, my favorite bands are for example System of a down, P.O.D. and Ramstein.
I live with my parents and brother in a flat. There are three rooms in it but I never have to chill out home, fortunately I can go out with my friends and go everywhere I want.
I hope to meet nice people… Here is my e-mail if someone would like to contact me.
See you in Italia.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Polish Students to Italy

Dear friends!
At the beginnig of February we started the school competitions connected with the project trip to Italy. Our students were very excited.
They had to enter 3 different kinds of contests - English language skills, Italian geography and culture knowledge, a composition - 150 warm words about one of our feasts.
Students with the best results have become the members of our team travelling to beatiful Italy . 2 girls and 2 boys (look at the photo) - as you can see no discrimination at all:)
Italy, sweet Italy... We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Best wishes for all of you

PS My first steps on the blog - done!;)

Oliwia, travelling to Italy, about herself

Hello everyone!
My name is Oliwia and I'm from Zabrze in Poland! I have lived here since I was born in 1995, so I'm 16 years old.
Zabrze is not a big place, there's not a lot of famous objects, but I still love this city with all my heart! I live here with my parents and one sister in a flat. There are 3 rooms and it's a great place for chilling when I need it, but I haven't got much free time to do it :) No, I don't learn all the time! Of course, sometimes I have to do some homework, but I think every student has much more interesting things to do :)
I play volleyball in the school team and it is my favourite sport! I like taking photos very much! I bind my future with this interest. Music always has accompanied me. My favourite kind of music? All kinds ! Every kind has got really great singers and songs, for example Bruno Mars - Grenade or Laurent Wolf- No stress!
Everybody is different in other ways and I think that's amazing! It makes me more open for meeting "new people", I really enjoy meeting them, so I am very happy that I can participate in this project.
I hope to see you soon in Italy!
Greetings from Poland!

Paula, travelling to Italy, about herself

Hi ! :)
My name is Paula Kuźniak. I`m thirteen years old. I haven`t siblings. I live in Zabrze in Poland and I’m studying in Gimnazjum nr 24. I was born on 14 August, and my zodiac sign is a lion.
I’ve got long, light brown hair and brown eyes. I'm tall and slim.
In the future I want to be a teacher, also I dream of criminology. My favorite subjects are Mathematics, English and Art Classes.
In my spare time I read books or play basketball. I love watching CSI: Miami. I love animals. I`ve got a dog - Yorkshire Terrier breed. Her name is Phoebe and she likes playing with me.
See you all in March in Foligno.

Topics for the Language Blogs (and Future Email Exchanges)

School year 2010 - 2011
1. Introduction
2. Description of a touristic place (April)
3. Typical food (May / June)

School year 2011 -2012

4. Last Summer Hoolidays (1st Term)
5. Traditions (Desember / January)
6. Description of a trip to Europa or in
your own country (February / March)
7. Invitation letter (April / May)

Evaluation Questionnaire of the Meeting in Flensburg

This questionnaire is an introduction to the process of evaluation. Questions that you are going to answer will be helpful in expressing your expectations connected to our partnership. All answers will be useful for improving our cooperation by pointing out its different aspects.

This questionnaire is anonymous. We will be grateful for sincere answers.

1. Sex: man woman

2. Nationality: …………………………….

3. Do you speak English: yes no

If you answered “yes” go to question number 5.

4. How did you communicate with the participants during the project meeting?

· I spoke in other foreign language

· My colleagues helped me

· Other ………………………………………..

5. How many other Comenius projects have you participated in?






6. Why have you decided to join the project “Let’s travel: Tourism – another way of learning”? Choose as many answers as you need.

· My school suggested

· I am interested in intercultural dialogue

· I want to change my school

· I want better motivation for my students

· I want to visit foreign countries

· It’s important for my career

· Other reason …………………………………………….

7. Do you believe that participating in Comenius projects helps to increase student’s motivation?

8. How are you going to disseminate the project ideas and experiences?

9. Why have you decided to take part in first project meeting, in Germany?

10. What were your expectation connected with the first meeting in Germany?

11. How helpful was contact with the school coordinator of host school between the project meeting?











Notice ……………………………………………………………………

12. What was the most interesting part of project meeting in Germany?

13. What was your most memorable experience from the first Comenius meeting in Germany?

14. What difficulties did you face during the first project meeting in Germany?

15. What would you like to change in project meetings’ organisation?

16. How helpful was the first project meeting in improving the international cooperation between partner schools?












Wednesday, 23 February 2011

“A TASTE OF UMBRIA” (27th March–01st April 2011)

Sunday 27
Monday 28
Tuesday 29
Wednesday 30
Thursday 31
Friday 1
- Arrival of delegations (students and teachers) from Portugal, Poland, France and German.
- Train station pick-up service
- Accomodation at the youth Hostel and check in
- Welcome from Headmistress
- School visit
- Presentation of the programme
- Visit to the City Hall, Welcome from the City Mayor
-All day long excursion to Norcia and to the Sibillini National Park
- Working session for teachers
-Activity at school for students
Guided tour in Foligno, visit of the main historical buildings
Lunch at school
Tasting local food
Lunch in the town centre

-Bus trip to Medieval towns of Bevagna and Montefalco
-Bus trip to Assisi and discovery tour of the “ town of peace”

Dinner at
“ Taverna dei Picari ”
Welcome dinner for teachers
“Pizza” for students
Dinner in a typical family run farmhouse
Dinner in a traditional Restaurant
Dinner in a Taverna


- Students’ proposal for socializing with School Theatre Lab.

Spello by night
Farewell party at Palazzo Trinci

Questionnaire to the Introduction letters

Browse through the information you’ll find in the blog , go the students’ introductions section and answer the following questions:
1. Is Júlia usually sad?
2. What sport does Carol Melia like?
3. What does Ana Claudia like best about living in Es Canutells?
4. What does Paula Romero do at the weekend?
5. What did Lotti use to play?
6. What does Monica de Pablo do to keep fit?
7. How tall is Gemma Camiña?
8. What would Loren Goñalons like to study in the future?
9. Alberto Marquès mentions a book Joan Ramis wrote, which one?
10. How did Marc Pons break his knee?
11. What kind of music does Ana Carretero like?
12. Has Cristina Ulldemolins got any pets?
13. Why does Simon Abellán like running?
14. When did Francina start to play the piano?
15. Why is Aaron sometimes bossy?
16. What does Gaby prefer doing, rather than going out?
17. What is Rebeca quite good at?
18. Why is Cristina Picón interested in making friends from other countries?
19. What sort of books does Judit Martí like?
20. What languages does Judith speak?
21. Does Yasmine ever watch TV?
22. Where does Emilien live?
23. Has Lamia got any brothers or sisters?
24. How long does Charles stay in China every summer?
25. Does Lucas speak Italian well?
26. Why is basketball a good sport for Sebastiano Peruzzi?
27. What is Valentina’s favourite animal?
28. Where was Nevrete born?
29. What does Görkem’s father do?
30. What are Büsra Gizem’s plans for the future?
31. What does Buse’s little sister like doing?
32. What are Gamze’s favourite subjects?
33. What is Melek’s mum’s job?
34. How long has Aybars been playing classical guitar?
35. What is Hande going to start?
36. How many brothers has Zeynep got?
37. How old is Yasenya?
38. What is Sarper mad about?
39. Where did Sarah live for nine years?
40. Who is Nil Hazal’s best friend?
41. Who are Natali’s favourite singers?
42. Has Gözde got any brother or sister?
43. Which team does Furkam support?
44. Why does Erol wear glasses?
45. What is important for Dilan?
46. What does Cansu want to improve?
47. What does Akasya keep?
Miquel Orfila

Friday, 18 February 2011

Académie de Paris


le projet COMENIUS du Lycée COLBERT

mis à jour le 15/02/11

zoomsur Vous écoutez RADIO-CLYPE : le lycée COLBERT, dans le 10ème arrondissement, a reçu, dans le cadre du projet COMENIUS dont il est partenaire, depuis la rentrée 2010-2011, des délégations turques, portugaises, espagnoles et italiennes pendant une semaine à PARIS.

Il s'git d'un projet scolaire multilatéral, d'une durée de deux ans, piloté par un lycée espagnol qui conduit les élèves de six pays européens plus la TURQUIE à communiquer et à construire un projet commun autout du thème "En voyage, le tourisme, un autre moyen d'apprendre" / "Let's travel!" Tourism, another way of learning

Chaque établissement partenaire a envoyé un enregistrement valorisant un lieu patrimonial de son pays d'origine. Une façon habile, active et réactive d'utiliser les langues pour communiquer et échanger des connaissances.

Sur RADIO-CLYPE, vous entendrez la présentation radiophonique du projet COMENIUS coordonné par le Lycée COLBERT ainsi que les enregistrements réalisés par les classes participantes au projet.

En savoir plus

Le lycée COLBERT coordonne le volet radiophonique du projet COMENIUS
"Let's travel!" Tourism, another way of learning

Friday, 11 February 2011

Mobility to Paris: 21 students and 14 teachers

Italy: 4 teachers, 6 students in families, 2 students at the hotel
Portugal: 2 teachers, 2 students in families, 3 students at the hotel
Turkey: 5 teachears, 4 students in families
Spain: 3 teachers, 4 students in families

Paris (03.01.11)

Tales of the Garden

Dear partners,
The first plants begin to germinate. We have already germinated plants form Spain, Germany and France.

Renovation work of our greenhouse
In the last days of January we began the renovation works in our greenhouse, to get your seeds and germinating them, and thus develop plants for the garden of our project.
Students of the Professional Course of Environmental and Rural Tourism worked very motivated in this project.

Big storm destroy our greenhouse
After two days a severe storm with strong winds, all our work was destroyed!
Our greenhouse was destroyed.... But do not give up!!

We bought two small indoor greenhouses to germinate plants.
We planted all the seeds, we have received from Spain, Italy, France, Turkey and Germany, we wait for the seeds from
Abroad also we sow some seeds outdoor, creating a small pond.
We look for plants
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