Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Semina from İskenderun, travelling to Poland

Hi everybody!
My name is Semina. Im 17 years old and I’m from İzmir, the big city from Turkey, but i am living in İskenderun. I have got brown hair and green eyes. My height and weight is middle. I like playing tennis, reading book and sometimes writing. I’m not shy and calm person. But i am indecisive and obbessed. People always say that i am usually talking a lot. 
I am going to come Poland with my school İstiklal Makzume Anatolian High School soon. Hope to see you there.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Leslie, from Paris, travelling to Poland

My name is Leslie, I am fifteen and I'm coming to Poland soon with my friend Ewelina. I love food, music, cinema and of course having fun :)

Can't wait to see you all!

Ewelina, from Paris, travelling to Poland

Hello everybody!
My name is Ewelina, I'm from Poland but I live in Paris and I can't wait to come back to my hometown. I am fifteen, I love music, having fun and all that kind of things :) See you!

Beatrice and Filippo (Beba and Fel) from Foligno travelling to Poland

Hi, we are Beatrice and Filippo.

we are both 17 years old and have been friends for a long time,
since we were very little children.
Now let's talk a little about us:
I'm Beatrice Ciancaleoni, my nickname is Beba. I like when my friends call me Beba !
I'm living in Assisi, but I was born in Foligno.
I attend Orfini Institute, I’m in the graphic and design course ;
This year I’ve been chosen as student ‘s rappresentative.
My family consist in my father, my mather and two sisters.
I like playing volleyball with my friends and skating
I'm rather shy but l like staying with my friends.
I like travelling vey much and for this reason I’m very happy to be in the Project .
I'm Filippo , my nickname is Fel.
I'm in the same class as our class with our taecher Maria Paola we designed the Let’s travel calendar.
I’ll tell you a secret: the idea of the Project Logo is mine.........I hope you like it !
I live near Foligno in a big family, we are eight brothers, five boys and three girls, I love my family, it’s really funny to be so many !!
I usually play football , I like skating.
In my free time I go out with my friends.
I'm a busy guy, but I'm a bit timid !!
The travel to Poland is my first exprience out of italy so you cam imagine I'm very excited and happy to join the Project
See you soon in Zabzre
Filippo and Beatrice =D

Monday, 21 November 2011

Juliette, from Paris, travelling to Poland

Hi Everybody! :)

I'm Juliette Vincent, I'm 15 years old and I live in Paris in the 20th district where I was born .
I have a brother who is very annoying Timothé, 11 years old. I live with my mother every other day and the rest of the time with my father.

Physically, I'm tall 1m71 . I have long brown hair and brown eyes!

I learn Chinese so that later I can become a journalist.

I love dancing, singing, listening to music, being with my friends... Besides that, I love sport especially tennis (I have played for five years)
I really like organizing partys with my friends ,especially when my mother doesn't know ;) and go to concerts (tomorrow, I am going to see Wiz Khalifa!)

I'm delighted to be in the Comenius program because it lets me discover other countries and people.

I will be in Poland in two weeks, I'm very excited to meet you!


Michele from Bevagna travelling to Poland

Hi J
My name is Michele and I am 17years old. I live in Bevagna and I have a brother and a sister.
I’m quite tall. I have got blue eyes and brown hair. I attend a vocational school in Foligno, where I study chemistry and biology. My hobby is football; but in my spare time I like swimming, going out with friends and eatins even if I’am quite slim.
I’m sociable and I like listening to music when I’m alone because it relaxes me.
I am very happy to participate in the Comenius project, because I hope to make new friends and I can learn new things.
The boy in the photo is me,whit my friend!
Let’s meet soon ;)

Ylenia from Foligno travelling to Poland


My name's Ylenia Utrio Lanfaloni , I'm 17 years old ,
I live in Foligno where I attend a Vocational School .
I've got very short hair and I like wearing jeans .
In my freetime I like going out whit my friends...going to the cinema
I love shopping and eating at the fast food .
My favorite food is hamburger and chips ... with a coke !!!
I also like reading and listening to music .
My favorite singer love all music!!!
I'm very happy to start this new experience in Poland and meet new friends .
See you soon on 27th november .
bye , bye


Sunday, 20 November 2011

Nil, from Iskenderun/Turkey, travelling to Poland

Hi! I’m Nil Hazal. I come from Turkey. Firstly I am so excited about going to Poland =) .I’m fifteen years old. I’m a student at İstiklal Makzume Anatolian High School. I like listening to music. Especially rock music and oldies such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin. I’m crazy about The Beatles. I like reading and writing. I love watching movies in my free time. I’m good at table tennis. I’m interested in science. I also  like travelling and meeting new people.
I have got a small family. My mother name is Gülseher . My father name is Cemil. I have got a brother. His name is Deniz. He is nineteen. He is at university. His deparment is mechanical engineering.

My best friend is İrem. She is good at English. We love watching movies together . She is at İstiklal Makzume Anatolian High School, too. What do you usually do with your friends?
Well, that’s all about my family, my best friend and me.
See you!

Akasya, from Iskenderun/Turkey, travelling to Poland

Hi everyone;
My name is Akasya Surmeli. I was born on 13th of September in 1996. I’m a tenth grade student. I am living in a Turkey. I have got a one sister. Her name is Defne. I like drawing picture. And I’m going to the course for the picture. Once  upon a time I was going to the swimming, voleyball and tennis course. And I like reading books. Also there are a lots of books in my house. I often keep a diary.Then I don’t like watching TV, but sometimes I watch cartoons. And I really like playing computer games. My voice is bad, but I like singing. Because ın my opinion it’s enjoyable. And my favourite singers are Katty Perry,Pink Martini and Sam Brow. . Also , I like english very much. Finally I'm very excited to come Poland. Because I’m  curious of Poland

Natalie, from Iskenderun/Turkey, travelling to Poland

I am Natalie Paşa. I am 15 years old and living in İskenderun. I am at 10th class of Makzume high school. I have got one brother. His name is Alex and he is 28 years old. My favorite color is blue. I have got a dog which called Toprak. It is golden retriever but I also love all of the animals. I think I am honest,reliable and truthfull girl.I love listening music.

I am very glad to come to Poland with my friends Nil Hazal,Akasya and Semina.
That’s all..
See you 

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A French recipe

Do you know how to make a successful eTwinning project?

Listen to some French kids!

See you soon

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Cala Pregonda - Menorca - Balearic Islands

I will describe a special place for me: Pregonda. It is a beach in Es Mercadal, in Menorca. I like to be there because it is very relaxing, like a paradise. When you are there, you can forget everything and be happy with all the nature around you. It is the most beautiful and peaceful place you could ever see in the world.
To arrive at this beach, you have to leave your car at a previous beach called Binimel·là. You have to walk for about twenty minutes until you arrive at Pregondó which is very close to Pregonda. To get to Pregonda from Pregondó you have to walk for about five more minutes. Walking is worth it when you arrive there but you can also get there by bike.
This beach has some little islands in front. The sand is thick and depending on where you are, it can be a little bit reddish. There are also three houses and one of them is camouflaged by the surrounding rocks.
For me, the best season to visit is in winter. I occasionally go there when I want to feel free, as it was my own place. It is extremely quiet and completely deserted. You can smell the happiness and feel how time stops.
To conclude, if I were you and if I had the chance, I would definitely go there and have a rest forgetting the world.
Sara Ortego Huguet

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Maria Joao Pires - Chopin "Rondó"

"Heroic Polonaise": November 27th - December 2nd 2011

Clic on the photo to see the Polish program!

The French team, travelling to Poland

Dear friends,

The French students and their teachers are thrilled to go to Poland in a couple of weeks!
You can see that Cesar is not in the photo, but I guess you all know him by now!

We look forward to seeing you very soon in Zabrze

Madison, from Paris, travelling to Poland

Hello ,
I'm Madison and I'm from Paris. I'm Mauritian but I was born in Paris. I'm 15 years old, I have brown eyes and short, black hair.
I like to travel. When I was younger , my father and I travelled a lot now I just take the plane to go to Mauritius Island.
I like dancing , singing , hanging out with my friends and my family.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Poland is waiting for you!

Dear friends,
we are looking forward to meeting you soon in Zabrze.
We are really interested in our nice quests - students which are coming to Poland at the end of November. The German team! May-Lee, Moritz, Leif and Sven thank you for your introduction letters very much.
We are waiting for the news from other Comenius travellers!:)
Warm greetings from Poland

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Leif (from Flensburg), travelling to Poland

Hi, my name is Leif. I'm from Flensburg (Germany) and 16 years old.
My favourite hobbies are fishing and goin to the gym.
I'm visiting the 10th class of the Kurt-Tucholsky-School.
I'm looking forward to be in Poland.
This is that, what I wanted.
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