Sunday, 13 November 2011

Cala Pregonda - Menorca - Balearic Islands

I will describe a special place for me: Pregonda. It is a beach in Es Mercadal, in Menorca. I like to be there because it is very relaxing, like a paradise. When you are there, you can forget everything and be happy with all the nature around you. It is the most beautiful and peaceful place you could ever see in the world.
To arrive at this beach, you have to leave your car at a previous beach called Binimel·là. You have to walk for about twenty minutes until you arrive at Pregondó which is very close to Pregonda. To get to Pregonda from Pregondó you have to walk for about five more minutes. Walking is worth it when you arrive there but you can also get there by bike.
This beach has some little islands in front. The sand is thick and depending on where you are, it can be a little bit reddish. There are also three houses and one of them is camouflaged by the surrounding rocks.
For me, the best season to visit is in winter. I occasionally go there when I want to feel free, as it was my own place. It is extremely quiet and completely deserted. You can smell the happiness and feel how time stops.
To conclude, if I were you and if I had the chance, I would definitely go there and have a rest forgetting the world.
Sara Ortego Huguet
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