Sunday, 20 November 2011

Akasya, from Iskenderun/Turkey, travelling to Poland

Hi everyone;
My name is Akasya Surmeli. I was born on 13th of September in 1996. I’m a tenth grade student. I am living in a Turkey. I have got a one sister. Her name is Defne. I like drawing picture. And I’m going to the course for the picture. Once  upon a time I was going to the swimming, voleyball and tennis course. And I like reading books. Also there are a lots of books in my house. I often keep a diary.Then I don’t like watching TV, but sometimes I watch cartoons. And I really like playing computer games. My voice is bad, but I like singing. Because ın my opinion it’s enjoyable. And my favourite singers are Katty Perry,Pink Martini and Sam Brow. . Also , I like english very much. Finally I'm very excited to come Poland. Because I’m  curious of Poland
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