Friday, 24 February 2012

Erol from Iskenderun travelling to Italy

Hi, I’m Erol Barbur/The Right one.).I am from Hatay/Iskenderun(Turkey). I am 16 years old.I am a 10 grade high school student at Istiklal Makzume High School.I have one brother who is two year younger than me.My mother is an English teacher at Primary School and My father runs a shipping agent. I am 1.80 meters and slim with straight fair hair.. I like playing table tennis and swimming and I like english. I am a translator of a tv show site,I'm translating English tv shows to Turkish. I like to spend time on computer and with my friends of course and I can spend hours on playing table tennis. I have Ps3 and X-box,I play nearly all kind of games(except for  games of girls.) I play NBA 2K11 on Ps3 and I am  a fan of Boston Celtics NBA Team and Kevin Garnett. I like listening to music.My favourite bands are Metallica and System of a Down. I play Civilization V , Mount & Blade Warband , Titan Quest Immortal Throne , Crysis 2 and Minecraft. So much games right? These are the reasons ofwearing  glasses ;) I love watching tv serials like Doctor Who , Sherlock Holmes , The Big Bang Theory , Two and a Half Men , Spartacus Vengeance , How I met Your Mother , My Favourite is . . . . The Walking Dead. Anyway,travelling is magnificent no matter where you go. I hope I'll spend good time in Italy. It is all about me. To learning more about me ,here is my communication adresses. Message me :)
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