Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Sport tourism in Paris: Le Palai Omnisport de Bercy

1.What are the characteristics of this type of tourism?
 Sport tourism in France is one of the most developed in Europe.
In Paris, all year round, tourists can discover the Palais Omnisport de Bercy where they can practice several types of sports such as skating, basketball, football and plenty of other activities
Where is it located?
This place is situated in the 12th district of Paris, in Bercy, near the Seine
Who can go there? 
 Tourists who want to practice sports or attend competitions.
2.What should there be in the bag of the traveler performing this trip?
 An energetic drink, bottled water, a tracksuit and don’t forget to take a camera.
3.How can transportation be provided for this trip?
  You can take the subway because there are several subway lines nearby such as lines 6 and 14 and lots of bus lines also go to Bercy. There is also a train station, Gare de Lyon. Why not rent a vélib?
4.Where can the traveler accommodate?
 There are several hotels near the Palais Omnisport, but don’t forget that they are very expensive, at least 70 euros per night.

5.How long does this trip last? (Minimum time-day)
You can stay as long as you wish during opening hours:
Tuesday:3-6 pm
Friday : 9 :30 pm to 0 :30 am
Saturday : 3pm – 6 :00 pm  and 9 :30 pm – 0 :30 am
Sunday 10 :00 am – 12 :00 and 3 :00pm – 6 :00 pm

Of course all depends of your favorite sports.

 6.How much money is needed for this trip?
The entrance fee is 12 Euros per day but some activities like tennis demand an extra payment for the reservation of the court.
 A lot of sporting events take place in Bercy, such as the Cup Final of Basket ball, the tennis tournament of Paris Bercy or the world championships of martial arts.
The price of the tickets varies according to the sport event.

7.Why should a traveler do this trip? What will the traveler's benefit be?
All the sports fans, whether spectators or players of sports activities will appreciate to spend a day in thePalais Omnisport. There they can have fun and experience sporting values.

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