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HATAY and CHRİSTİANİTY(Interview with Pater Yasea)

u Introducing the person:
u Pater:
  Padri Edvardo
                    u Place:
 Orthodox church
They believe that God is in the shape of human being. The idea that Jesus is immortal can be explained as in the follow ing  :
As we know God is immortal.They believe that Jesus was the breath of God. The breath itself is immortal so that Jesus is immortal. Because of that reason people call Jesus as the son of God. The holly book 'bible' is infect a single book. However four people rewrote the book according to their own ideas in different places. And thus there being four sects.In the first place they say that there were many common points with Muslims, but later christianity differed from İslam. For instance they sacrificed animals for God. 

But later They thought that Jesus was himself sacrificed for all people and via their sins were all  forgiven.  They believe that from then on there were not need to sacrifice animals for God. And they stopped this tradition. There's a place for confession near the Pope's armchair in there right of the Church. There is a painting for happines on the wall over the Meryem Ana's place. There is a special place for their wishes. It is near the confession place. The statue of Meryem Ana is in the middle in Church and everybody can see her esily.

The world experienced disasters because of the World War I in 1917. Every family faced pain in those years. During these years Meryem Ana appeared for the first time to three children whose names are Lucia,Giacinta and Francesco in Fatima city of Portugal on 13 May 1917. The eldest of the Lucia explains Meryem Ana's appereance as in the   following :
       She was a lady who had worn brighter clothes than the sun. She was shining more intensely than a crystal glass of water filled with pure water through which sunshine passed.
Love is a very important and good thing. You can endure the difficulties of life by the help of love. You don't feel the burden of life and it turns the most painful things into a pleasure. Love is generous, it helps people to great achievements and encourages us for the better things. Love without surrounding the valueless things would like to be over all the things. Neither in the heaven nor in the world you can't see something, better than, stronger than, more common than love. A person who loves lives a happy life, he or she is free from every worry and nothing can stop them. Love has any good thing you can see around. Because love trust the God from whom all the good and holly things come from.
A poem about friendship
You have a friend
When everything goes wrong
When you need love and interest
When you feel bad
Close your eyes and think about me
To enlighten your darkest night
İmmediately I come beside you, just call me
Know that wherever I am
I come to you running
Winter, spring, summer and fall
Whenever you want, call me
I will be there
I’m your companion
If the sky gets dark and fills with clouds
North winds begins to blow
Keep your mind on and call me
I will come to you
(Carole KİNG you’ve got a friend )
 Santa Claus ( America ) , İce Daddy ( Russia )
      Santa Claus for Americas and the İce daddy for Russians is not related with the Christianity. They are the figures that journalists and commercialism has created. The clothes of these figures are modified according to the needs time and fashion. They come into the house from the chimneys or from the balcons, they ride cars when are towed by deers. They wear special clothes. For example red hat,white beard... But these things have nothing to do with Christianity.
    Saint Pierre Church, carved into the rocks west of Mount Stauris depth of 13 meters, 9.5 meters wide and 7 meters high, consists of a cave. The first Christians in Antioch used for secret meetings of the cave is considered one of the oldest churches in Christianity .

Berfin TOPLAR   10/A
Büşra POLAT     10/D
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