Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Gözde from Iskenderun travelling to Italy

  I am Gözde Sönmez. I am from Hatay, Turkey. I was born in İstanbul, 1995. I have got a family. My father is a civil-engineer and my mother is a housewife. My brother is Metin Erdem, 11 years old. My sister is Ezgi, who is 13 years old. They are successfull students.
   My father and my mother behave me like a friend. They give me idea about every thing. Although my father is very busy, we pass time every weekend. We sometimes have a picnic or go to seaside. When I pass time with my family, I am very happyJ
    I am 17 years old. I am a medium-height girl. I have got long, wavy, brown hair and brown eyes. I like my eyelash and eys like other peopleJ I like wearing sport clothes. Sometimes, I wear glasses.
    I am hardworking, ambitious, a bit stubborn, honest, trusty and friendly. I hate rude, liar and smugy people. I like passing time with my friends in my free time but I can not find a lot of timeL Becasuse
I have to study hard in order to be a doctor. I hope that my dream will be real next year.
     I like swimming very much, also I like dancing, listening music, reading and shopping. I love my friends very much. My favourite Turkish DJ is Ozan Doğulu, who is very Professional and sempatic. My favourite film is “Letters to Juliet”.
      I am very happy and excited to come to Italy. I want to know people and culture of Italy. Particularly, I want to see love of fountain and other historical places. Also, I want to taste spaghetti in ItalyJ
            I'm looking forward to hear from you soon. I hope to see and meet you as soon as possible. See you soon...
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