Friday, 24 February 2012

Rojda from Iskenderun travelling to Italy


 I am Rojda Köseoğlu.I was born on 28 March in 1995.I am 17 years old now.And I was born in Iskenderun,I am from Hatay.

 I have got a pretty family.I ‘ve got  two sisters and they are twins ,their name’s are Pınar and Irmak.They are 10 years old and they’re succesful students.And I’ve got  a brother who is 3 years old called Can.My mother’s name is Hatice and she is a nurse.My father’s name is Ali,he is an engineer.I like spending my time with my family.For example I like going short trips with them.I love my family.

 I have got brown eyes and long hair.And I am long girl.I am friendly,optimistic and easy-going person.I am honest because I hate lies and people who tell lies.I am good at making friendships.
 Everyone in my family like music.I am keen on music.I like listening and also singing.I like Turkish musics and foreign musics(like English musics).My favourite singers are  Eminem,Kanye West and Adele.My favourite Turkish singers are Sezen Aksu and Tarkan.I like dancing.And I like going to theatre or cinema.But I prefer theatre ,actually.’Titanic’is the most succesful movie I have ever seen.And I liked ‘Inceptıon’,too.

 I am studying at Istiklal Makzume Anatolian High School.I am in 3rd grade.And I want to be a doctor in the future.So I have to study hard.
 I like doing sports.For examle ;I like playing basketball,voleyball and badminton.And I also like walking,trekking.I like sea,and I like swimming.

 I enjoy when I contact with foreign people.I want to recognize their culture,lifestyles and etc… I like speaking English. I have never been in abroad before,so I am so excited for going to Italy. I want to go to  historical places in Italy.And I want to go  to Venedik or Pisa for Pisa Castle.I wonder Italy so much.
And I want to taste Italian cuisine.

 I hope to spend my time good in Italy and I am sure,I will.See you soon…

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