Thursday, 15 September 2011

François, from Paris, travelling to Turkey

Hello Everyone!
My name is Francois HEANG. I’m from Paris, France.
I'm eighteen years old and I’m an only child.
I’m glad to be in the Comenius program, it lets me discover other countries and cultures. As I talk to you right now, I feel so excited and curious about that trip! I couldn’t even imagine that one day I’m gonna go to Turkey… It’s AMAZING!
So what else can I say? I have cambodian origins and I can speak quite well, I’m also learning how to write it, which is not simple!
What I like to do? I love sports such as football and basketball, even if I’m not good at it. I also like hanging out with my friends outside, Paris is a big city and you have the chance to do lots of things…
That’s about all I can say…
Good Bye and See Ya
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