Monday, 13 June 2011

Łukasz, from Poland, travelling to Turkey

Hey, hi, hello;)
From this side - Lucas. I am 15 years old and I live in Zabrze in the southern Poland. I have no siblings, but this does not mean that I am alone. I have a dog called Niko. The dog can also be a member of a family:)
What am I look like? Well, you can see in the picture but seriously I'm a type of a crazy boy with a sense of humor. Music is my vocation since childhood - it accompanies me forever and everywhere. My favourite music is Electro, House and Trance. Currently I am an amateur DJ – I organize various events. My best Dj is Markus Schulz.
My hobby is also a martial art Aikido, which I have been training for five years. I just love what I do and it blends well something nice with something useful.
I will take part in a Comenius meeting for the first time, although it is not my first attempt. I have been trying to become a member of our travelling group five times. It is not easy to be a loser so often…;) If you are stubborn enough, if you do not give up too easily, everything may happen.
By the way I love travelling and exploring new things. I am curious about the world. I am especially curious about Turkish religion and traditions. These threads were important parts of the qualifying rounds in my school.
I hope to meet many new friends in Turkey.
See you in Iskenderun;)
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