Thursday, 13 October 2011

Radio Clype - 2nd Programme: Gastronomy

Here is the recipe for your recipe. Deadline: 15th November.

  1. Choose a traditional recipe (or more).
  2. Take two or three pupils to make it more lively (or even a whole class).
  3. Create a dialogue or a song or whatever you want to make the recipe worth listening.
  4. Add memories, or extracts or songs, or poems… related to that recipe.
  5. You can include different noises showing that you are actually cooking while you are talking.
  6. The whole programme should be about 5 minutes long.
  7. Send it before 15th November.
  8. Radio Clype will add the final touch.
  9. You should also write your recipe in the TwinSpace so that all the members can cook
  10. Take photos and compare the results!
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