Monday, 23 November 2009

IES Joan Ramis i Ramis - Maó, Menorca

The “IES Joan Ramis i Ramis” ( is a General Secondary Education School. It is located in the capital city of Minorca, Maó, which has a population of around thirty thousand people. There are four secondary schools in the city. Ours is one of the eldest schools in the Balearic Islands and hosts around a thousand students and more than a hundred teachers. Compulsory secondary education is from 12 to 16 in our country, and non compulsory from 16 to 18. So we have students between 12 and 18 years old. Most of them go to school from the whole city. Students from neighbouring towns take the school transport service.

Minorca’s population has changed during the last years. Tourism has become the most important economical sector. Industry and agriculture are both very important economical branches in the island too. Economy is suffering a recession and unemployment is growing. Although most of our pupils come from Minorca, population is not so homogeneous anymore. Immigrants from South Spain came to work on tourism in the summer season. Some of them stayed and established on the island. The British colony is also quite numerous. To these first immigrants it has to be added the migration of the last years. Many students come from other countries of West and East Europe, and also students from South and Central America, North and Sub-Saharian Africa (15%, 24 nationalities, 13 languages).

Our school has several educational programmes in order to integrate children from other cultures in the school life, and in Minorca’s life in general. Other programmes intend to face some students’ learning, behavioral or social needs. Students with special educational needs are inserted in the school system (3,45%). Our school is working on programs to prevent students’ failure and dropout. Five languages can be learned in our school: Catalan and Spanish, and three foreign languages, English, French and German.

Bunyolada de Tots Sants, '09
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