Thursday, 16 December 2010

Valentina and Nevrete from Foligno (Mobility to Paris)


Hello! :D
We are Valentina and Nevrete, we are best friends from nine years. We both live in Foligno where we attend the Vocational Institute “I.I.S.Orfini”: and we arey in the third class of chemistry and biology. Our teachers say we are good students...
We are really happy and excited and we can’t wait to leave for the fascinating, elegant, historic, sophisticated, romantic, stylish, memorable, cultural, artistic, PARIS!

The one on the left of the photo is me, Valentina , I’m 16 years old. I was born in Matera but I live in Foligno. I came in Foligno nine years ago with my family: my mother Giuliana, my father Vito and my sister Eleonora who is 23 years old. I have also got one brother Emanuele , he is 5 years old.
I'm not a very tall girl, I have long straight hair and brown eyes. I am a very romantic girl. I’m very sociable and also a reliable friend; I always listen to friends when they are in trouble, and I usually try to give them sincere advices. I love animals especially horses, and I have a dog and 4 parrots. During the weekend I go out with my friends in the town center. I like practicing sports, I did athletics for four years but now I stopped, I like playing volleyball and climbing with my school sport group.
In my free time I like listening to music, chatting with friends on the internet (facebook), and watching TV, especially romantic movies.

The one on the right of the photo is me Nevrete, I’m 17 years old. I was born in Albania but I have been living in Foligno for ten years with my family. When we came in Italy it was a bit difficult to integrate but now it is ok, I’ve learnt Italian, I’ ve got a lot of friends. Sometime I miss my country but I like Italy.
I’ve got a one brother and one sister, his name is Jacopo and her name is Sara. I’m a girl cheerful, sociable and lazy... I’m quite tall and thin, I’ve a long, brown, straight hair and green eyes.I really like listening to music in general, I like pop music, house... And I love Eminem and David Guetta...
In my free time I go out whit my friends in the town center, and I like reading, the last books I read are those of the saga of Twilight.

Valentina e Nevrete

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