Thursday, 16 December 2010

Sebastiano from Italy travelling to Paris

Hi there,
I’m Sebastino Peruzzi, I’m 16 years old and I come from Italy. I live in the centre of Italy, in a small region called Umbria. Its capital is Perugia and its most famous town is Assisi.
We are four in the family: my father Umberto , my mother Katrin, who is German, my younger brother Ottaviano, and me. We also have a dog and a cat living with us.
I play basketball in Foligno, the same town I go to school. I love basketball, it’s my favourite sport and since I’m very tall (1,94m), it’s suitable for me. I don’t like football, I don’t think it’s an interesting sport.
I love music, reading and food. My favourite singer is Eminem but I also like softer stuff like Take That and Robbie Williams. And my favourite food is – of course – pasta and ... kebab.
I hope to be hearing from you soon, greetings from Italy

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