Saturday, 22 September 2012

Musée du Quai Branly, Paris

What are the characteristics of this museum?

It is located between Alma Bridge and lena bridge, on the left Bank of the Seine. The specificity of this museum is that it is really modern and paradoxically it is devoted to primitive art. You can find 3500 artifacts from all parts of the world. The Musée du Quai Branly houses four remarkably rich and precious collections, which it conserves, manages and documents with a dual aim in view. Firstly, they must be presented to the general public through regular rotation of artifacts in the permanent collections area and during temporary exhibitions; secondly, they must serve as useful and accessible resources for students, teachers and researchers worldwide.

What should there be in a travelers bag performing this activity ?

You must not forget money to buy stuff to eat in the garden of the museum, that is very convenient and nice. You will enjoy a beautiful landscape.

How can transportation be provided for this travel activity?

By the underground , you can take RER C : station «  Pont de l'alma » , or  the subway , line 9 , station «  Alma-Marceau » .
You can also take the favorite cool Parisian way to travel: Velib! (Bike … SO HYPE)

Where can the traveler accommodate?

In Paris, there are a lot of hotels, often really expensive

How long does this activity last?

You can choose by yourself, in this museum, you can go very fast but you can also choose to stay for a movie, (there’s a cinema), and a conference room, where you can listen to lectures. This is fascinating .This museum is really interesting , even if he's not that big ,  you must spend at least 1 hour there to enjoy it.

How much money is needed for this activity?

For the permanent collection, it costs 8 Euros for adults and 6 Euros for children.

Why should a traveler do this activity? 

We all have to learn to appreciate culture of other ancient civilizations, to respect it; it will help you to be open minded.  Last, it's rare to find places in Europe devoted to the primitive art of other countries people; it's a must when you come to Paris. 

What a beautiful place!
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