Friday, 7 September 2012

Comenius project "Let's Travel": a little bit of our work and history

The work plan and the tasks have just slightly changed in the Comenius project “Let’s Travel!”.  There were ten schools on application stage and the project was finally granted in six European schools and in Turkey.  In the first project meeting in Flensburg, Germany, coordinators decided just to overtake one of the tasks of the schools which the project was not admitted at: the Polish school partner developed the evaluation activities through its questionnaires and a PowerPoint Presentation.  The school in Paris did not just one, but four radio Clype programs.  The school in Umbria, Italy, created not just the calendar “Let’s Travel 2012!”, but also the project logo, which was not foreseen as one of its tasks on application stage.  The Portuguese school in Ferreira do Zêzêre had big problems with the Garden because of a destructive hurricane, and the major part of the seeds sent by the other six partner school for the garden got lost.  The Turkish tasks didn’t change in its contents, by slightly concerning to the format.  On one hand the school in Iskenderun analysed and investigated on different kinds of Tourism and all school partners developed documents and videos.  On the other hand the Turkish team published a brochure on Tourism in all regions.  The Spanish coordinating school on Minorca Island added to its tasks the one of creating, not just the Project Blog, but also the TwinSpace project “Let’s Travel! Mailing Europe” for cooperative work, interaction and communication.  Partner schools did eight mobility meetings.  France and Italy offered to hold two of them,  so that each partner school could visit all other countries.      
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