Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Meeting in Flensburg, Germany (Evaluation)

1.      Why have you decided to take part in first project meeting in Germany?

I looked forward to beginning to work for the project and I wanted to meet the colleagues with whom we were going to be partners for two years. // Because I thought it was necessary before starting work to meet all other partners, to share ideas and make decision, to check and revise cooperatively the two years activity and mobility plan of the project. // Because my director asked me to as I’m the Coordinator of projects in my school. // I am the project coordinator at my school. // To meet all the project coordinators, exchange ideas and organize the project. We also know the region of Flensburg and the education system of our German partner. // The first project meeting in Germany was planned in our project.  It was a proposal of the German school in Flensburg, which was one of the first schools interested in the project.  We decided so during the preparatory visit celebrated on the island of Menorca in January 2009. // I wanted to meet the participants, share ideas and how we could contribute the project for better.  // We decided to take part in the first project meeting to meet other participants, participate in the works related with the project to see the guideline of the project to be able to develop intercultural dialogue.

2.      What were your expectations connected with the first meeting in Germany?

Our mission consisted in setting up the mobilities, defining in a clear way the various activities of every partner and see how we were going to take part. Everything was very clear and we left with all the necessary information for our colleagues.  // It was our first similar experience, and we had many expectations. We  expected this meeting would give us the opportunity to be more involved in European partnerships, in getting to know more partners at the same time; we expected  to feel  happy and satisfied, to see a lot of different places and to meet nice and motivated collegues. The meeting not only met but rather exceeded our expectations leaving us fully satisfied. It was an opportunity to arise interest, enthusiasm and cooperation. The meeting helped to find solutions for future meetings (number of students and teachers and accommodation) and activities.  // My main expectation was to get knowledge about the Project and activities (mainly about mobility in Portugal) in order to can help in the organization.  // As we planned I expected we would decide about the organization of our project activities and mobilities as we really did.  We talked about our project not just during the working sessions but also during the whole visit.  I also expected to know the German school, Flensburg and the region according to the wonderful activity program prepared by the German team.  // To meet friendly participants in a friendly atmosphere and carry out a useful project.  // We expected to meet people from different cultures and share our experiences.  // Their culture to communicate with them, to learn what they are thinking about who we are.

3.      [ML1] How helpful was contact with the school coordinator of host school between the project meeting?

Excellent.  // The host school has created a suitable and warm atmosphere with friendly hospitality.  // Their hospitality was pleasing for us.

4.      What was the most interesting part of project meeting in Germany?

The teamwork with the European colleagues.  // There were very interesting moments during the meetings. The most interesting were the moments in the theatre where we watched the performances staged by the school.  // The welcome, our stay, the content and organization of events were all  fantastic,  and  we  were very happy to be there;  but  the  most memorable experience from the first Comenius meeting was  the  Farewell Dinner at Ox Island.  // To know about different realities of working in schools and to get information about the Project.  // If I delete the working sessions that were most important, maybe I can highlight the day trip, dinner on the island and Dinner at Horst house.  // The most interesting part of the project meeting in Germany was the possibility of meeting the German team hosting us in Flensburg and 12 more teachers from 5 different countries (France, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Turkey).  On the other hand, we had the opportunity of doing Tourism in Flensburg and its fantastic surroundings (Glücksburg, The North and the East Sea, Husun...).  The activities prepared by the teachers from Flensburg were also very impressive (“Who wants to be a traveler?”).  // The trip to the castle and meeting at the Horst’s house for dinner.  // The discussions took place during the meetings was interesting and beneficial for us. And the trip to the castle was good.

5.      What was your most memorable experience from the first Comenius meeting in Germany?

There were some experiences almost every day.  // The talks I had with other teachers.  //  The dinner in island, and the friendly atmosphere between all project partners.  // The dinner party on the small island in Denmark during the last evening. I have a very nice memory of this evening, the crossing on the boat to the island and the dinner itself.  I think we were 21 teachers.  It was the first project meeting with so many teachers.  // Debates during meeting with participants to develop the Comenius project.

6.      What difficulties did you face during the first project meeting in Germany?

We met no difficulty.  I would better have liked speaking English to be able to exchange even more.  // We didn’t face any difficulty except those arising from personal inexperience in this type of event.  // I didn’t feel any. // The Journey, of course. It took long hours to get to Flensburg. But the hospitality and friendly atmosphere compensated. // We had difficulties to get Flensburg by means of transportation. The trip was long and tiring for us but the organization in Flensburg was so satisfying for us that we for got all obstacles.

7.      What would you like to change in project meetings’ organization?

It could have taken place at the end of June, which would have allowed the teachers to have more time to prepare the implementation of the various activities.  // Absolutely nothing.  // As I don’t have experience on Comenius Projects I really don’t find anything to change.  // I really like people feeling free when they prepare the activity program in their own country.  We can improve learning from each visit.  Hosting schools should plan them their own way.  We just have to take into account the convenience of celebrating two or three working sessions during the meetings.  // Nothing. Everything had been organized in details.

8.      How helpful was the first project meeting in improving the international cooperation between partner schools?

This first meeting was most important to be able to bring to a successful conclusion our common project, we have now to exchange via the Internet so that our pupils can get in touch to prepare the next mobilities.  // The meeting was an opportunity to start interest, enthusiasm and cooperation. The meeting helped to find solution for future meetings (number of students and teachers and accommodation) and future activities.  // Good co-operation and plan.

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