Thursday, 1 September 2011

The Polish team travelling to Turkey

Our six lucky men!
Today is 1st September. We have just started the new school year. Brrr!

There are 10 hard working months before us. Most of our students and teachers may only think about lessons, except these six ones. These 4 students and 2 teachers are going to Iskenderun at the beggining of October.

Przemek, Paweł, Łukasz and Natalia took part in the series of competitions in June. They had to compare Christianity and Islam, use English in different situations and tell some Turkish fairy tales. They seemed to be the best! They wanted to be travellers!

What can we say? "It is unfair! " No, of course not! The rest of our Polish team can only say: " Have a nice trip and enjoy your time in Turkey!".

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