Saturday, 4 December 2010

Menorcan crew to Paris

Dear teachers and students,

the menorcan crew to Paris consists of four students (Gabi, Karina, Yannick and Dani) and three teachers (Llorenç, Lluc and Miquel). Gabi and Yannick are 16/17, Karina and Dani 15/16 years old. The introductions letters of Gabi and Yannick are posted in this blog and in the Englisch blog. Karina’s and Dani’s writings are going to be published very soon. I’ll send a document to Paris, to Foligno and to Iskelderun with the whole names of all of us, with Identity Document Number, ages and email addresses so that you can communicate with us. By the way, is Poland travelling to Paris?

As maybe you know we haven’t classes these days, from 3rd to 9th December. The flight space is closed because of the air traffic controllers’ strike. I have a flight to Barcelona and can not fly.

Have a happy weekend!

Best wishes!


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