Monday, 6 December 2010

Melek from Iskenderun (Turkey)

My name is Melek. I’m the second child of Hasan and Muna, being born in Syria in 1994. I’ve got three sisters whose names are Betül, Eriç and Zeynep and two brothers whose names are Ali and Zülfikar. Nobody ever could solve the mystery of this largeness from the first paragraph of the introduction. But don’t worry I‘m gonna keep the confusions away. Let’s keep going…

My father is a vet. He was born in Turkey but he went to the university in Syria and he met my mother there by a friend of him. By the way my mom is Syrian and she’s arabic language teacher of literature. So they got married and u know we did our entrance to this world.

We lived in Syria until Betül, my big sister, was six (school age). Then we came to Turkey. I remember many things of those years. When I started to the school, I could only speak and write Arabic. I didn’t even know how to say my name in Turkish. I used to feel as if I was from another world. It took me a month to be capable to speak and write Turkish properly. I was only seven years old then. During the period of my learning on my own, I never felt bored nor tired of it. I guess to my childish way of thinking it was enjoyable. Every time I remember all these, I can’t stop jealousing of my patience of old time’s.

Anyway, I am seventeen now. I grew up and became more experienced about life. Especially when I had to be away from home and started to live alone with my sister for the school, I became aware of my responsibilities. Well, I don’t like to rave about myself but I gotta say that I am a successfull student that’s why I had the chance of being a student of Istiklal Makzume High School.

About my hobbies and interests; I love to draw pictures, write compositions.. I enjoy reading books. I like spending time with my friends, my family and our pets Suri and Boddy too. I listen to Oasis (a british rock group), I’m sure you’ve heard about it. The first time I heard the solist’ voice it passed me by, but unfortunately the group separated the next year. So at least I think you had an idea about how much I’m lucky (!). By the way I am a huge fan of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, the Winchester guys. They’re fantastic. I gotta admit that I had drawn pictures with a head full of dreams and inspirations thanks to their show. I love to watch Jim Carrey’ comedies and Johhny Depp’ romantic films.

I am a quite person ıt’s because I don’t like to show or feel any worry, anger or excitement too much. I am a bit shy but I go out with people. I am not very talkative but I am frinedly. I can control my feelings and I try to think before speak or act. I am a determined person; I make firm decisions about the things what I am going to do. But sometimes I can behave obssessively and then everything goes bad.

Anyway, I wanted to take part in this project because I like this kind of social activities. Somehow it makes me feel better not to have spare time and to be busy all the time. Besides, I like meeting new people.

Actually, I would be a liar if I said that I am interested just in present. I also think about the past and future too. I’ d like to be a doctor. Because I believe that only with this branch I would be useful for myself and my family. To be honest I like pushing the limits of my abilities.

And we’ re moving to our final destination:
All in all, I hope you’ ve enjoyed this short trip in my life.

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